Saturday, March 20, 2010

Three Components of Character – Vital for a “Whole Life”

THE BIG TOP HAS ITS MAIN CHARACTERS: The ringleader, the artist, the clown. Each of them is in us. Which of them, however, runs riot to the exclusion of the other(s)? We find here almost the meaning of life regarding total fulfilment.

Work life balance is a buzz term and has been for a decade now, yet it was hardly known before that—this is good because we’re simply becoming more conscious of a phenomenon of our age; that of busyness and its hideous social, health and economic affects.

Balance should be the buzz-word central to both of the above schemas. But it is character balance that takes central stage here.

The three circus roles mentioned above need to find appropriate expression in our lives within the context of balance.

The Ringleader

This is the responsible leader and manager—the parent if you like—who keeps the show on the road, pays the bills and sees to the “management” of any issues that come up.

Some adults will see that the ringleader is the most important role, but it’s only the most important at the most important time. We always must come back to ‘situational balance.’

The Artist

Everyone needs to work for a crust and therefore the artist is employed. Yet, the artist is so much more. They provide much meaning and purpose—and delivery on these two goals. The skill of the artist is inspirational, not only for others to see and admire, but for the artist themselves.

Some adults will see the artist as ‘be-all-and-end-all.’ This is not the case! So much of life needs to be rounded-out by the preceding character, our ringleader, and the proceeding character, our clown.

The Clown

It is an irrefutable fact that the little boy or little girl inside us has never left. They remain, even though our bodies and minds have grown. We have inside our hearts the burgeoning child who always wants to play. What do you think sex, friendship and sport are about—they’re all versions of play!

Unfortunately, however, there are some adults who never quite grew up and neglect the ringleader and artist within to be the perpetual clown. Until balance starts or resumes these clowns will be forever poor—financially, emotionally and spiritually—and so will it tend to be for their loved ones.

The Whole Package – An Operational Circus through the ‘Scenes of Life’

Imagine incorporating these three characters in each life event, according to the needs of the “programme” i.e. the life situation we find ourselves in. This is the strength of each in accord with its time.

To be able to adapt within roles, and even integrate two or all three of them at a time depending on the needs of the situation, is a great wisdom to carry about with us in life.

Much life success, peace and happiness will be the result.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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