Friday, March 5, 2010

“I Will Not Be Defeated, TODAY!”

EVER GET THE DISTINCT FEELING TIME’S AGAINST YOU? I woke with this feeling one particular morning and I was so tempted to give up before I’d even started the day! Then I saw the enemy’s strategy—at the tactical level, no less—to merely suggest defeat through sheer perception of workload.

In an instant, God’s Spiritual life seeped into my psyche, flooding me with hope.

Suddenly I was seeing with sight that I’d always had; just I don’t always choose that sight, preferring the easier-to-see, but harder to live, default vision that’s hardly aware of anything beyond what is easy-to-see.

By far the easier life to live, ironically, is the harder view to see. Yet, it’s there!—all the time.

What I did was simply enquire of the worry I was feeling—not complaining about it—and I discovered something. As I recognised it as something not desired or welcome, I was made aware of the ruse. I can only attribute this change of awareness of mind as something entirely beyond me; I was simply thankful.

One of my common discouragements is the lack of time—or perception of same. Holding a fulltime “day” job as well as being a family man and also investing twenty to thirty hours a week in ‘my calling’ to write, I’m often stretched to sleep or exercise enough. The only way through is to deny the facts of time pressure and do it all anyway! Somehow it works.

But, every now and then I’m forced to consider the pressure that comes with the life—I’m sure most people’s lives are equally pressured.

This day in particular, however, I skipped out of the door on my way to work, having made my choice—with Spiritual backing—saying, ‘I will not be defeated, TODAY!’

Spiritual sight is not easy to see, but it’s much easier to live—once the choice is made.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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