Thursday, March 25, 2010

“AND” Power

Don’t get me wrong with this message... this is not an excuse for busyness. But, it is a reason and a vehicle for much POWER.

We exist in an age—that called “humanity”—where we readily see options to do this, that or the other. Why, instead, don’t we see the very real possibilities for doing things in tandem and concurrently?

This is not doing everything; it’s merely being open to the possibilities—in faith—for what might be possible or the best potential-realised or thing required for the time and situation.

We too often shut out possibilities without thinking broadly about their application. We think in such linear fashion with accord to time and generally only for the present costs and consequences, when we could hold out for a better time to decide; closer to the actual point of decision.

Being open to an “and” instead of simply an “or” and seeing “both” instead of “one-or-the-other” is a wisdom construct, as mentioned, of faith. It’s equally a choice of discretion and self-sacrifice to remain open, not protecting ourselves in our conservativeness a.k.a. fears.

“And” doesn’t work always, however, and it can be a trap—hence the rogue that busyness has become, in our age most certainly, but in all ages beforehand and in the future too. Self-discipline is required.

“AND” power, now, comes from having the pluck in certain situations to go with the torrent of flow and do what we should or could—for others’ eventual betterment and our own.

Poised Thinking

But the ‘AND power’ doesn’t simply apply to action. It applies equally to our thought constructs, especially our challengeable perceptions (which are often somewhat awry) and opinions.

How quickly do we fly off to some fanciful notion of what is right or wrong? Political and current affair views are the typical red herring. Why do we even need to form a view or take a side? I mean, do we have all (or even most) of the information? Generally, no, we don’t! So, why are we forming a view prematurely—are we ruled by truth or not?

“AND” power is then about holding sides of an argument in tension. Both are partially right. Both are partially wrong. Why pre-judge? That can only be a vast folly that should be beneath us.

Both (or more) realities are important. Both (or more) deserve our interest and consideration.

This “AND” power helps us keep the eyes and ears of our hearts and minds open. How important is the truth, and formerly, how important is being able to do all that is required of us at the appropriate times?

These are critical questions that “AND” power will certainly assist us with.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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