Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Enjoying that ‘Good Time’ Again and Again Afterwards

WE’RE ALL TRAPPED BY OUR SORROW: the good time done and dusted; over until the next time around. Yet, it needn’t end like this, ever.

We can re-live the dynamic joy of that fabulous day in the past as much as we want—allowing ourselves the space to reflect and enjoy the re-living of those joyous emotions.

We don’t need to be sad, forlorn and depressed just because our holiday or weekend—that series of wonderful events—is over.

All it takes to truly “re-enjoy” those things we’ve previously enjoyed is the time and imagination to cast our minds back to that time. A lovely coffee and a relaxed mind overlooking the gently surreal, rolling waters of an estuary; a casual drive in the country with a loved one; a stroll down memory lane—all of these are enriched afresh when we take the time to enjoy them again.

We hardly ever use the mind’s power in these ways and that of itself is a gross sin.

What are we to do when that fantabulous day is over? The very next day, we could take the opportunity to schedule some down-time to simply ‘gaze back’ and redeem the time... the beauty is this can be done again and again and again. There is no limit to feeling the enjoyment at a sensual level of the perception.

This is indeed a spiritual activity—it’s certainly the direct opposite of a materialistic activity i.e. ‘retail therapy.’ This is ‘re-live therapy.’

Another way to engage the mind in this sort of activity is to journal about that gorgeous time—it doesn’t even need to be journalled about at the time. Cast your mind back and whatever your memory recalls is your record of the events—no rights or wrongs—what “is,” is.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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