Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vulnerable Teachability – the Paradox You’re Missing Out On

SELF-AWARENESS. The very platform and basis of Emotional Intelligence (EI) is also the thing you’re almost certainly missing out on, at least to some extent—it’s something almost none of us more fully capitalises upon.

Yet, why not?

Self-awareness is a sort of spiritual intelligence, as we come to know ourselves in the context of a Creator and of creation—the truth of life. It’s an acceptance of all the life is about and so much so those barriers that normally would impinge are no longer barriers at all; they’ve become gently goading aids.

Our spiritual pride is humbled. We’re pliable.

We seek to learn. Nothing is more important.

The journey is the key to our success; not the destination (which never actually materialises anyway!).

Our relationships are more important than our arrogance, finally.

We see self-awareness unto spiritual intelligence; a specimen holding same seems at peace almost all the time—because he or she is at one with themselves. They’re not threatened by what they know holds no harm for them at all.

Everything is safe.

No bounds of fear are truly known whilst they’re still blessed with the “exciting” life where fear still shows itself, just to keep things interesting.

For a season or even longer, this sense of self-awareness unto spiritual intelligence is the nexus of the teachable spirit—the exercise and application of vulnerability. And this is faith.

This apparently is lauded in every good leader; the ability to be wrong and not cover it—indeed, the ability to seek feedback to improve and to elevate others in standing for the courage to engender truth—the “team-playing” leader. They want to acquaint with their ‘elephants within,’ which threaten at a level to destroy, but once reconciled never do. They’re blessed.

And the exciting thing is when we sit under this leadership we suddenly know it’s the way it was always meant to be. We feel at home.

How much better then to become self-awareness unto spiritual intelligence? Throw yourself into it—the paradoxical riches of grace and spiritual pleasure through surrender are yours.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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