Thursday, March 4, 2010


The making of it—such an endearing image for us as we’re forced (beyond belief) to believe over and again the improbable, impossible and miraculous—the deeds of courage and the outcomes of fate. And simply we marvel.

The stories of legend have us spellbound as we recall them around a camp fire or in a lounge room with friends after a dinner party. We’re in awe of the things some people have achieved in faith, courage, wit, pluck and nous. War stories, conquests, sporting victories and the like. These are the things that have turned history and made us who we are today.

Yet, give or take, we’re all legends.

The story that is our lives in real ‘live time’ is the story of hope, vision and creation beyond us... in technicolour, primetime, dynamic, 3-dimensional splendour. This is no dress rehearsal we’re engaged in.

And yet we get down on ourselves! Why this when we’re living miracles evolving and growing along with our time here on earth—doing the best we can with what we have and the junk we took along with us because we knew no better.

We cannot help our parents or what happened to us when we were five.

The heroes of life are still awesome, and they’ll always be that for us. But, cherish the thought. What if one day you stand at the foot of the Throne of Grace and God Almighty judges you, and even surprises you, perhaps with praise about all the good things you’ve done and all the times you simply tried?—the times when you felt like giving up but didn’t.

We don’t have to be a Will Smith to be a legend.

We simply have to be us, ourselves—me, myself, I. The best we are and the best we can be... these concepts are good enough. More than good enough.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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