Wednesday, March 17, 2010


“Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]!”

~Book of Psalms, variously throughout (Amplified version).

Time in life is generally abundant yet we lose our grip on it so ironically in our grasping of it a.k.a. “busyness.” Like the concept of happiness, the moment we grab time is the moment we lose it.

Note to self: time is an uncommodifiable thing—we’re no merchants of time, we are simply marvellers of it.

The “Selah” (say-lah) moment is a place of consciousness that is barely beating. It takes the being partaking of its grace to a place pervaded in a concept like, wait for it, ‘reverse time.’

It’s a time of anti-time, if there were such a thing. It’s a time-vacuum where the things of time matter less.

It’s a destination of the mind and heart where matters of everyday life don’t matter so much; it’s possibly a positive numbness—given to the sacred pastime, set aside to Divineness. It’s a gentle though punchy and stringent relief in anyone’s day.

The “Selah” moment is thick with spiritual meaning and truth; we can pause and reflect—stunned enough simply to STOP. Stopped in our tracks, but so totally in accord with our wills; spiritual relevance smacks us between the eyes of our heart. We so want this time even if it comes as a transitory inconvenience. We reflect later—with a charmed grin—that as God is good, so is the “Selah” moment!

It’s there for us—in our direct midst—if only we’ll recognise it. It stands there waiting for our hand, to take ours in its hand, and journey with us—beyond our so-called realism.

To take advantage of the moment in reflection we are necessarily in a mood a world away. When it takes us, we simply cooperate. We enjoy the flight of fancy that re-invigorates and restores us mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Until the next time it breaks through our consciousness... a very dear friend.

Selah is wellbeing.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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