Monday, April 2, 2012

Why Am I Doing This?

What a mighty fine, self-reflective question this one is! To be in a state of doing something where we’re aware enough to quietly converse with ourselves is genius regarding self-account. Life situations can only end better as a result.
Think about it. We all want the key to mastering life; just to make life more genial, palatable, and enjoyable. Having the awareness and the will to ask ‘Why am I doing this?’ is distinctive competence—it’s proving we can cope with our moments and adjust accordingly. The question has extensions—‘Why am I doing this, this way... at this time... with these people, etc?
Asking such questions is a sound process on the way to a good vision—enhancing our capability.
Able To Do AND Think Within Ourselves At The Same Time
The most capable people have the ability to do what they need to do, and also reflect in their moments, regarding their actions, as they’re doing their things. They hold two critical elements of life, within grasp and actualisation, simultaneously.
This is not multitasking. It’s about applying reflective thought in the moment. It’s adjusting on-the-fly. It’s taking the situation and people’s responses into account, regarding our actions, midstream, and using such feedback to fine tune what we’re doing; not waiting until it’s too late.
This may or may not sound impossible, and certainly difficult to do, but where we have a vested interest in the result it’s not difficult to develop the motive to master it.
This is simply about employing our interest, raising our antennae, broadening our observant gaze, upon life.
The Value Of Critical Thinking
Critical thinking is not being critical about people or ourselves; it’s thinking critically, using our analytical minds to learn what can be learned.
Asking questions like ‘Why am I doing this, this way... at this time... with these people, etc?’ frequently enough helps us master key coping and adjustment skills, which provides great mental, emotional, and spiritual value for any person employing it. Critical thinking is a commitment to identify and use the available truth—and it’s to our advantage.
Of course, critical thinking is a skill of higher order college or university thinking. It expands our capacity to learn and, therefore, to live life abundantly.
There’s power for living in asking reflective questions of ourselves. Imagine being able to change our minds, or to do things differently, before regret sets in. Life gets better when we regularly ask, ‘Why am I doing this, this way... at this time... with these people, etc?
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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