Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Drawing Meaning From Our Day

Depressing thoughts of ‘what did I get out of today?’ and ‘how much more do I have to do?’ prove haunting. They come and they go and some days are worse, by far, than others. A lingering thought may last and prevail itself over the hours. As we look back, fatigued and numbed, we pray for a better tomorrow. ‘Please God, help!’
Drawing meaning from our days is an incredibly important vehicle in maintaining our mental health.
How Might We Draw Meaning?
Considering some of the following, we can draw meaning, and be thankful and genuinely at peace with ourselves:
þ     We woke up. We take this for granted. We always do. That’s okay. But to make the most of our lives, we appreciate the small mercies in with the not-so-small.
þ     We clothed ourselves and ate, protecting and maintaining our bodies. Providing for ourselves is no small thing. It’s another thing we take for granted.
þ     We considered the capacity before us; our plans, if we had them, we pondered.
þ     Rest might have been part of our plan and, if so, did we achieve it? If we didn’t, there’s always tomorrow or some day next week. If we must rest, let’s rest. Sabbath is a command of God, and for good reason.
þ     If there was a plan, and we acted upon the plan, we were sure to have achieved at least part of it. Do we now take time to celebrate that part already done? We should...
þ     In our interactions with people we had some that went well, some okay, and some that went poorly. In reflecting we can do more of what we did well, improve what was okay, and repair that which went poorly. It’s never too late to do better tomorrow.
þ     Perhaps we achieved something we didn’t expect to achieve. The commencement of our day didn’t foresee this. And we’re glad. Life seems easier just now because of what we’ve just put behind us or at least commenced.
þ     Then tomorrow beckons. Tomorrow gives us much meaning regarding today. Our view of tomorrow even gives our view of today its perspective. Tomorrow is hope and today is reality. Maybe we can borrow from tomorrow and enjoy what we’ve done today.
Drawing meaning from our day provides hope for tomorrow. It gives us feedback with which to learn and grow. It gives us reason to celebrate. Most of all, drawing meaning from our day helps us remember to be thankful.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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