Monday, April 16, 2012

Reconstructing From Brokenness

Feeling discombobulated, which is seriously confused,
Times like these we can’t help but feel thoroughly abused,
Mind’s tenuously aflutter with a heart perplexed,
Why does it happen now—having been vexed?
We thought we got through this, but now perhaps not,
This situation of soul has us all in a spot,
Besides the recognition—uncharacterised are we,
Just what are we now supposed to flippantly decree?
Welling with tears but purge ourselves not,
Not here, like this, are we to become a dishevelled grot,
Instead we trudge along in our preciously veiled control,
Pretence is ours and that we do enrol.
But eventually we come to a place we are undressed,
When this pretence’s no longer good for our best,
A time of deconstruction commences at last,
Such seasons of grief are far from a blast.
Wading through the squalor of strident lament,
And suddenly we see how we’ve become so spent,
A time of rebuilding seems destined to occur,
The stage now for fighting through begins to stir.
Never do we like it when we’re found to be low,
Feelings of contempt we’re never more likely to stow,
Just as quickly, though, we can turn it around,
Such a momentary response is likely to astound.
Responses such as these prompt the sound mind,
To seek a victorious vision only one’s designed,
From deconstruction to reconstruction we can easily see,
This is the passage to where we’re finally free.
The Process Of Disassembly Necessary For Further Assembling
Never do we like it when a dearth of nasty experience is unfurled before us to be lived. Life takes over on these occasions and casts us out into the roughened seas of squalling uncertainty. It’s readily apparent that such spiritual challenges are foisted upon us, usually, after a period of relative well-being. How crass can life be?
But being disassembled is only part of the story. At a time when we’re ready we’re invited to join a new assembly line. With new components on offer we become a new version of ourselves. But there are the obligatory adjustments to make along the line. None of those new components fits perfectly first time. Many need embedding.
And just in time, it seems, as we’re rolled out onto the showroom floor, we’re ready for the roads ahead; a shiny new model of ourselves.
As Job and the psalmist found before us, deconstructing our brokenness is a vital part to our reconstruction. From the experience of the depths we can know ever greater heights.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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