Tuesday, April 10, 2012

3 Bases for Spiritual Well-Being

Something irreplaceable in the armoury of living is the feeling of buoyancy within. We either have it or we don’t. And it’s not something that, having received it, we keep indefinitely. Spiritual well-being is a thing to be worked for; a thing to be nurtured; a delicate balance to be mastered.
There are many ways to tackle the achievement of spiritual well-being. This approach, below, suggests physical, mental, and emotional bases as inputs for the moment’s spiritual fulfilment.
1. Physical Fitness
Capitalising on the production and secretion within the body of neurotransmission chemicals like dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin and endorphins, physical fitness provides much fuel for our spiritual well-being.
There seems to be a great sense of personal optimism gathered in not only exercising, but in the confidence secured in achieving quantifiable goals. Physical fitness relative to our personal states presents bountiful opportunities for well-being. A higher portion of physical fitness is available for any person applying themselves—it’s a personally relevant higher portion. It’s easy to outdo what we’ve previously done, not comparing ourselves with someone obviously fitter.
We may struggle to link the physical with the spiritual, but a higher level of physical fitness will make a better value of spiritual well-being self-evident.
2. Sufficient Alertness And Conscious Mindfulness
Something that is both physical and mental is an appreciation of alertness. Such cognitive attentiveness seems rarely achieved in this busy day. But the well-slept person who manages their sleep like an athlete, getting enough for their personal needs, will have enhanced conscious mindfulness. This informs their spiritual perspective. It must be impossible, on the other hand, to enjoy spiritual well-being when we’re chronically tired.
We don’t need to be perfectly slept to appreciate this truth; just to be better rested than we’re typically accustomed to. A small improvement will deliver a big enhancement of hope.
3. Emotional Authenticity And Resilience
Both of the above inform this most precious vestibule for spiritual receipt and embodiment.
The emotions and their management are crucial in a self-selection of our experienced spirituality. In other words, we enjoy spiritual things all the more when our emotional contact is authentic, and our resilience is operational and thriving. The truth is real, and better are we when we receive it head-on without fear.
Physical, mental, and emotional bases help with spiritual well-being.
The best of life is spiritual oneness within our inner selves; a high degree of harmony within relationships; peace with God. Above all is the state of acceptance for everything as it is. Spiritual well-being gets us there.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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