Monday, March 19, 2012

Trusting Your Process

When it comes to living our lives we have the choice of faith, or not. What will be our modus operandi? The following pithy truth stands up to be recognised. Not in allowing things that are bad for us, did the apostle Paul elucidate this truth; no, it was for our spiritual freedom:

“For all things are yours.”

~1 Corinthians 3:21b (NRSV)

We’re free to discern our way in the faith.

The force for living life is faith and, as Christians would commend, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Trusting our processes is about finding a niche within each of us that, in connection with God’s Spirit, frees us to be decisive, frank in our way, and authentic through and through. When we trust our process, our confidence is found and firmly pocketed in humility. There is the experience of assurance. This, that is felt, can only be experienced and validated, by God, personally. No one else can say we have it or don’t have it. Only we can know—only God can confirm it to us.

Discovering And Always Rediscovering The Self

Implicit within the scope and ability to trust our process is the interest, motivation and skill of discovering and always rediscovering our essential selves. How could such an activity be boring? How could it not sweep us off our feet in stimulation?

Many might run from self-knowledge because the pain is still too much; too raw. There is still more internal work to be done before the fullness of freedom and enjoyment may be experienced.

When we can enjoy discovering and always rediscovering ourselves, making time for and enjoying reflective activities, we have the wherewithal to trust our process. This is a liberating feeling; a life aligned to its divine destiny.

Using The Key To Unlock The Door

The door to ‘All things are ours’ is unlocked by the key that is the God-anointed self-knowledge. Once we’re in correct relationship with ourselves, which assumes being in correct relationship with God, we’re able to know, with some inner abundance of surety, the spiritual direction of self-discernment. Steps toward our process are made known at the time we’re to make the step; and at each step along the divine path—always just-in-time.

Trusting our process, which is stepping by faith, is living without impedance. It springs along with the flow, finding the path and staying on it without much fuss.

We might forever look for that which we look for and feel we cannot, in completion, find it. That’s okay. We have the key in unlocking the steps in our journey; one key at a time is all that’s required, because there’s only one type of lock and it’s called ‘the present’.


The human urge is the liberation of soul. That yearning exists within each of us. Trusting our process is the way there. This is the life of faith; the only life. In knowing God, we must know ourselves. The opposite is also true.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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