Friday, March 2, 2012

Challenging Our Core Fear

There’s a weakness so common to humanity, one central to each person, and never can it be ultimately resolved; not in this lifetime. We fear rejection. Correspondingly we face fear for acceptance, also.

Only as we accept this core fear are we then able to encompass the situational solution. Challenging our core fear is done, first, by awareness, then habit.

We’re a puzzle to solve—the workings of our pre-programmed and programmed minds and our respective hearts; how we think and feel is not always so easily explained. Sometimes we cannot explain it, and don’t need to—not sweating the small stuff. Then again, there are times when it benefits us to challenge our ideas and the beliefs behind them.

Challenging our core fear is accepting the blight on humanity—our fear for rejection—and working within the confines of that fear; ever working toward self-acceptance, because of the knowledge we have of our God-acceptance.

God loves us so we should, ourselves, love us. Substitute love for acceptance. They’re interchangeable terms.

Repealing The Past

Each of us is affected and perhaps overwhelmed by a past we had no say in. We were brought up in a particular way, at a certain time, within a geographical place—all bounded by cultural norms which, again, we had no say in. This has been our lives.

Repealing the past is having a sense for any of the wrongness, identifying some of the shards of fear-producing rejection, and coming to a peace, somehow, with it. It never means it never happened. Of course it happened. Of course it’s upsetting. Of course it will continue to upset us from time to time. But that doesn’t mean we can’t start living more from within the body of acceptance. We can live more hopefully.

And as we delve into our pasts, we can begin to notice a spreading phenomenon. If we feel somehow condemned by our pasts, how might others feel about theirs?

Others Really Are No Different

It’s common to our core fear that it’s isolated; the fear of rejection and sensitivity to acceptance. The enemy’s cause is to isolate us in a personal battle. Within the dozens, even hundreds, of times we feel rejected daily (whether this occurs within our minds, as imagined or relived, or by reality) each of these reminds us of how isolated we feel.

Isolation truly is a myth. The source of our core fear is common to all humanity.

Everyone feels it. This must surely help us have empathy for our neighbour, our friend, our colleague, our mothers and fathers, our brothers and sisters, and our sons and daughters. If we feel this way, hemmed in by our core vulnerability, they must feel similarly, though different, also. Their fears are different but the core fear is the same.


The greatest challenge to life is the fear of rejection. We paradoxically fear, also, for acceptance. Challenging this core fear is rudimentary to the ability to live life. Our past scripts can be amended for a more liveable, and glorious, future. We break the bonds of untruth that overlay our beliefs.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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