Thursday, March 15, 2012

Finding the Way Out

We found our way here (wherever ‘here’ is) because of some logical decisions of choice, and we’ve little to blame but ourselves. Harsh, it’s nevertheless true. But that’s history—what’s been already is; what’s to become is a different matter.

Time at the plate happens in the now, and that, for us, is all we have. It’s also all we need. We can reflect and learn if we want. We can consider options. But, ultimately, we can’t sit on the fence.

Even still, it appears we do as we look back over our vacillating choices for ‘this and that’ and ‘to and fro’—at the same time. We can have both things, but we’ll also have mediocrity.

This is okay if that’s what we want. Odds are, though, this is not what we, by our sensible minds, have signed up for.

Escaping The Trap

We all feel trapped from time to time. The trap pins us a certain, recurrent away. An ultimate escape may not always be practicable, like getting free of an addiction is—as we find the miraculous power, finally, sponsoring such a project.

For some traps we must develop the skill of repetitive escape. I think of it as an operant resilience. We sit in the tension of life. Diet’s the classic example. Do we ever master our cravings and appetites? Perhaps not. But we can have our health if we achieve a sensible balance, by knowing how to release ourselves from the trap, continually, habitually; powerfully.

Traps are personally vindictive. What traps us won’t necessarily trap the next person, and their issue is likely not to bother us. As traps are personal, so are the solutions.

Switching Focus For Release

Life may be characterised by traps, or equally by the methods and techniques of release. It’s up to us what we focus on in an area where no right or wrong answer exists. It can only be right or wrong for us, personally. Hence, there’s freedom.

And perhaps the method and technique of release resembles freedom more than combating the trap is.

We build our vision. We take the image produced by our imaginations and we sow into it the wish and desire for change. We make time for it to evolve. It exists floating within the bounded resolve: we can do this thing. Then we make room for it in our focus, each day, one day at a time.


For every trap there’s a way out. Planning furnishes the vision with rubber for the road of trepidation. By faith we can do this. For every trap there’s release. It’s up to us.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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