Saturday, March 31, 2012

Taking Fresh Spiritual Inventory

How often do we take stock? Meaning many things to many people, the term ‘taking inventory’ can mean:
1.      Taking stock of our sins;
2.      Reconciling recollection of our blessings;
3.      Reviewing our lives; and,
4.      Taking stock of our future prospects.
1. Taking Stock Of Our Sins
Hardly a thing to cause us guilt, though many would fall into such a trap, taking stock of our sins is thanking our Father through our Lord Jesus Christ—for the grace magnified in him to save us.
Making an objective inventory is not intended to cause guilt-impounded grief, but each and every point of recognition calls us higher to God in a fresh revival of thankfulness. Every remembered sin reminds us of the grace that saves us from that sin.
2. Reconciling Recollection Of Our Blessings
Remembering our blessings by recollecting them gratifies our sense for the truths of goodness operating in our lives. There are far many more blessings within our lives than there are curses. Yet, our grossest of misfortunes have, many times, made us!
Reconciling the recollection of these blessings is a step further on.
It ponders the blessing and reflects over it, making some acute sense of the wonder in the gift that translates as these blessings. Perhaps none of us really reconciles the depth of blessing abounding to us; at least to the extent we could. But, we’re blessed all the more as we try.
3. Reviewing Our Lives
Just how often the lifespan is considered in our estimation is a good question. We certainly consider it at a superficial level, and most abundantly at births, weddings and funerals, but how often in our daily experience do we further our enquiry into things so spiritually laden?
Reviewing our lives without despoiling the causes for consequence that have stunted the growth of each of us is important. Why do we insist on being held back by things that can’t hurt us anymore? Why not, instead, learn from them? They were given to us for the expressed intention of learning.
4. Taking Stock Of Our Future Prospects
For the faithfulness of God to have carried us thus far without too great a tumult that we remain is no small mercy. That thought should catapult us into hope for a future of fortuitously resilient prospect. In short, if we’ve survived (spiritually) so far what’s to think we won’t continue?
Those who fight the good fight of faith will know the faithfulness of God. That’s a good future to take stock of.
Taking stock within our lives, of our sins and the grace of God, of our misfortunes and resulting blessings, and of our future prospects in the faith, is an opportunity at oneness with our Lord. Taking fresh inventory is about honouring the truth in the unfolding of one life: our life.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.
Graphic Credit: Christolakis.

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