Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nurturing a Gentler Worldview

Is there a connection between the hustle and bustle of life and a lack of gentleness we’d otherwise wish to embody? That’s the thesis here; that the gentler worldview can only be nurtured when life is made to slow down.

The gentler worldview forces us to relax. When we seek to be gentle our decision-making is influenced positively and we wrest a personally-available control. Genteel, as is our encroaching way, we begin to care by actualisation. By our gentleness we begin to reject parts of the busy world and its hold over us.


Flitting here, flitting there,

Shouting fear, cannot care,

Not now; perhaps not ever.

Life’s run thin, no time to spare,

A deafening din, no climb to dare,

But... stop... now... be gentler.


Like most poems, they need to be unpacked.

Most of us relate with the ‘flitting here, flitting there’ nature. In just trying to keep up, in trying not to fail, and by trying not to forget, inwardly we’re shouting in fear; we cannot care when we feel this way—out of control. And whilst we continue peddling on the mouse-wheel of life there’s no real chance for the gentler us to emerge.

A life like this is run thin; like an internal combustion engine running lean for fuel, we are starved of the quality that brings any meaning for life. A life run thin has no time to spare. At times like this life’s a deafening din; a humming mirage of unhelpful noise. We would hardly climb to dare, by faith, with such an onerous worldview.

When Time Comes To STOP – Going A Gentler Way

By noticing how futile the busy life has become... we stop. We take the time to reassess life. We bow out of the rat race for long enough to get perspective.

At such a time when clarity re-emerges, we perhaps note that being gentler within ourselves and within our world is tending toward a more controlled life. With courage we take the bit between our teeth and we propose and execute some adjustments. Our genteel approach is marked in a higher sense of maturity; we begin to respect ourselves, our environment, and other people significantly. Time is no longer the enemy. We’ve made space, daily, and within our moments, for a gentle frame of mind and a calmer heart. ‘Gentle’ is now a byword.


An out-of-control life compels us to a gentler worldview. Being gentle with ourselves helps us be gentle in our environment and with others. Being gentle and calm we enjoy significant control. Life is happier, better, and more meaningful.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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