Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Finding Space for Passions

Life is in our passions and when we’re allowed time to attend to the routines of our passions life becomes abundant. If we can only have sufficient abundance—by way of regularity of our passionate routines—then joy becomes us, and we find resilience is available for boredom, discomfort and even pain and the passage there is tolerable.

Within this is contained the idea that space for passionate routine ensures a balance for life. The enjoyable counterbalances the unenjoyable, for everyone must deal with the unenjoyable.

Routine Is No Dirty Word

We only associate ‘routine’ as a bad word (perhaps because of boredom) when we see it as unstimulating. When we routinise those things that inspire us, though, we follow a calling. Life becomes filled with meaning.

Now, not only do we accept the transience of such joy, we make room for it, and we explore how we might be more involved in it.

We begin to structure life around that which brings us to life. We begin to understand that if we’re going to be the best of ourselves, not just for ourselves but for others too, then we need to be sufficiently joyful within. Doing what impassions us gets us there. It’s reason to get out of bed in the morning and to stay up late if need be.

We’re happier and those around us, as a result, are happier. Our routines have a rippling effect in the order that’s enjoyed in others’ lives.

Identifying And Implementing

If we’ve not already identified our passions and made room for them, we perhaps haven’t lived to stretch our potential yet. That, of itself, is exciting. We don’t dwell on the fact of what we’ve missed out on. It’s what’s ahead that’s important.

Our first task, through the imagination, is to brainstorm those things that bring us alive. What were we born to do? What inspires us? What would we be prepared to go to great lengths to do? What would we consider a privileged life? Most of all, what’s a challenge yet attainable?

Although we can’t have everything, there’s scope in everyone’s life to do a little (or a lot) of what impassions us.

We might finish with a list. This is not where it stops. We must learn to act, and continue acting—in courageous faith. Passions are only brought to being through consistent and tenacious action toward their end.

And the whole idea is routine; creating space within our days and weeks for more of what we love so we can endure those things we don’t love more adequately; so meaning drives us. It’s so our focus is consumed in positivity, not negativity.


Passionate routines are what the abundant life is all about. When we love what we do, and everyone can, we’re happier to be around, and content within; everyone wins. Life is about finding our passions and living them.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

Graphic Credit: HRIH.

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