Friday, March 23, 2012

Times When We’re NOT Okay

How often are we misrepresented? To be remembered a certain way, as being categorically ‘us’, is a transgression against many of us—but those who’d remember us incorrectly ought to be forgiven for not knowing.

The truth is, whilst we are, at any given time, in our bodies, we may be, at any time, out of our comparative minds, broken-hearted, or dispirited. This is an incomprehensible lack, the likes of which we have no answer for.

And just as well, for if even one had the answer where would that leave the rest of us, backwashed against the harrowing business of living vanquished of desire. Not only would that be unacceptable, but reprehensible to boot.

Fortunately the human condition is home to lack; times, fleeting and lasting, in which we’re not okay. But... it should also be said...

Depression’s Okay

Despite the pain involved, the state of depression, though ghastly to the extremes, is a fundamentally acceptable condition for anyone in the position of being human. It proves us normal, thinking, feeling, responding persons.

This is not about saying depression or depressive episodes should be left as they are. By no means!

But there’s a point at which we accept depression is normal, as part of the human experience. It touches far too many to not be. Not only are depression and depressive episodes to be destigmatised, but they’re to be accepted, indeed welcomed, in the folklore of phenomena—life happens and we cope the best way we can. Sometimes it’s enough; sometimes it’s not. In all of it we’re learning.

Is it our fault one of an unlimited number of painful things has occurred to us? No, it could never truly be. Could it just be that Jesus, in John 16:33 and other such verses, is giving us a spiritual ally in the cases of depression? Here Jesus reminds us that he has overcome the world; that faith in his name is sometimes the only way through.

Experiences Of Being

The halcyon state is pure ‘being’. What a hard thing to describe and how much harder, again, to experience.

But being encapsulates whatever ‘is’ about us, just now, and it faithfully accepts a safe place within itself, beyond estranging fear—even though stimuli for such fear is experientially present. The fear doesn’t affect us so much. Oh, this is a salubrious thought—and to stay here, bliss! Nothing can overwhelm us.

So, where is this going in the context of feeling not okay?

Sometimes the experience of pain feels good, beyond a sadistic delight—only when we know the pain’s good for us. Stretching a tired muscle can be painful, but that pain reminds us that we’re doing a good thing for the muscle.

Likewise, when we feel to the outer edges of our being, even when we’re depressed, we know that by tapping into our real issues, the future will go well, eventually, for us. Good is being made out of the present challenges.


Given the commonality of depressive episodes, could it just be that such pain will work, eventually, for our good? There’s a purpose beyond all such mental ills. Just now, though, we invest whatever energy we have in just being real. God will do the rest.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

Written under a bridge.

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