Saturday, December 4, 2010

Who will I be today?

Simple question with all too many options as answers.

Still, there we have it. It’s our choice.

Many of us will not spend any time thinking of our vision for a better world, or even for a better inner world, but we could if we wanted to.

Upon awakening we might very well be dogged by thought of yesterday or last week or last year—that ‘thing’ that continues to plague our conscience in disappointment, regret or paralysis.

We swap utopia—the bliss of the present moment—for a choice to relive a dark moment. We all do it.


“Who will I be today?”

If this one was to be your last day, what would you do differently—now—to not make your last day regretful?

The Choice of the Truly Rich

The wealthy in this life are not the ones who have five cars in their garages.

The wealthy today are those who have a rich life. These are those who ask the question... “Who will I be today?”

With that question directing and challenging this person they’re set to ponder the choices. Chances are they’ll choose something attractive. Then all they’ll need to do is maintain the mindset (which is more difficult to do than we often realise).

Welcome the Inventor

We never think of ourselves most of the time as inventors.

But, we’re inventing our own lives every wakeful moment.

This is done if not by our perception of stimuli, certainly via our response to stimuli.

It’s our life to not only enjoy, but to learn, to work hard, to love and to laugh and to be swept high, of occasion, on the emotion of sense and experience in this created world.

Every option we have and every choice we make, with subdued expectations—for high expectations are a veritable curse—we open up our prospects for a great day.

Important Questions

We have an opportunity to point some deep questions toward ourselves:

C How am I reinventing my life, shaped to the hopes that lay deep within me?

C What am I doing in others’ lives (knowing that our roles in others’ lives can either make us significantly happier or sadder)?

C What do I hope to achieve and how do I hope to get there?

C How am I looking after my mind, my body, my spirit?

And, if today was to be my last...

“Who will I be today?”

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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