Monday, December 27, 2010

Everything with Humility and Intention

Let us be always, whether via action or inaction, people of humility and intention.

This intention is out of good intent, hardly self-serving; more self-effacing.

We have enough strength of our own, and that buoyed of God, to deal in life with deliberation and intent, always in control of that which we do or don’t do.

It is far worse to find ourselves swept up in another wind—one apart from our own God-divined knowledge—that is, swept up in a whirlwind and out of conscious control. All we can do in these circumstances (which is enough, mind you) is trust in God and pray.

And yet, for both these places of spiritual circumstance—in control and not—we’re best reliant on God, i.e., in strength or in weakness.

This article is directed toward circumstances of control; much of life is spent here as anywhere. (But our locus of control [whether we see ourselves as being ‘in control’ or ‘not’] must also agree that we are ‘in control’.)

A Humble Intent

The appropriately self-effacing person, who’s also operating with intent, has God’s power on their side. They’re continually praying; seeking God’s face. And if they’re not praying per se they may still know with discernment what God’s will is. There is a God-sense on-board.

Humility is the key divide characterising intent and splitting action from inaction. It is the input of temperament fuelling discernment. Weighing right from wrong in the manner of accord and circumstance is the soul prepared for action, whether that is action or inaction. Many times the best action is inaction.

Intention is Power

When intention is retained (as it’s described above; which is now our assumption) and chosen as a deliberate way things are approached, there is Spiritual power known.


“Power” is an elusive concept, much the same as Happiness is. The power that’s described here is a spiritual power, not a sense of power that the world connects with. This is a virtuous or good power. People who have this power are trustworthy, full of quiet confidence, love and integrity. They’re advocates not destroyers.

The important thing for those who are keen on establishing this virtuous power in their lives is these ingredients—positive intent and humility—will get them there. God is with them in this, for this is the discernment and establishment of God’s will.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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[1] “Positive Intent” here means toward either action or inaction, dependent on the discerned circumstances.

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