Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bringing the Dream to Life

“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.”

~Robert Bresson.

Everyone has their unique perspective that they bring to the world.

For these we’ve been born; to shed light over our world such that even in small ways we might make some good impact and leave a legacy. For what else is the purpose of life, other than to bring glory to God?

‘Making a Difference’ is Bringing the Dream to Life

We all have a dream. It’s like we all exist to be accepted. One is to purpose as the other is to identity. Both are essential.

If there’s any thought that we can exist without purpose or identity it’s a brash and ill-considered thought. There are some that make sport of such human sensitivities; but humouring God is like running foul of life itself. It’s a ridiculous and self-defeating game indwelt in wasting life.

Wired into each human being is the inherent need to make a difference.

Living Our Dream Now

Believe it or not we’re living our dreams even now. It depends on the outlook. Bringing to pass what we see that requires change, and accepting what remains acceptable, that’s where life is.

Each life lived is blessed in many ways. There is much potential that begins it all. Oxygen is breathed into the process of life via the interceding moment; the time we take or slake the initiative.

When moments exist just like this, the mind is swept up in the eternal realm. Suddenly everything is significant and life has purpose. Moreover, identity is known. This is the key. We were born for this.

From this context it’s easier to transform one dream to a better one, ad infinitum. God never places a limit on our dreams; only we do. But there’s a cap to these dreams in realism, and it is simple to refit the scope of our dreaming such that we’re able to achieve them. Rather than striving for the unattainable we can now re-imagine our dream so it’s achievable.

This might be as easy as starting with the quoted premise.

We have a responsibility to make more visible what is seen; that which others do not see. This could become the very basis of our dream. It certainly has ‘purpose’ and ‘identity’ stickered all over it.

When we live this responsibility we’ll find active blessing. Things will happen.

If the dream can have realism about it, we have it within reach—that which was once beyond us.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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