Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Face It, You’re a Genius!

“A genius is one who shoots at something no one else can see – and hits it.”

~Author Unknown.

Poring through quotes on ‘genius’ and it’s clear we’ve got the typecast all wrong. Genius is not smarts at all. It’s the ability to think differently. Given the differences between us we all qualify as geniuses!

Here is a quote bound to inspire the person recently fooled:

“Every true genius is bound to be naïve.”

~J.C.F. von Schiller.

Great News

Fact is we’re alive. A further enlightening reality is we can think, and sight and sense is tuning thought. Everyone has dreams. We’ll all intuit the urge to do something big, that thing that attaches us to genius. Attributions of brilliance are captivating.

This is great news. The desire is there to make the difference. Differences are made every day in the name of good; in the name of God.

Because life force runs through our veins—enfolding the spirit within—and the intelligence of creativity and innovation has become us, due the desire to impact life around us, we have the distinctives required to make the differences we were destined to.

Time’s Now (or Is It?)

Whether the action we’re into is reaching the sorts of heights we see for ourselves or not isn’t so much the matter. Cognisance of the gap is the important detail. It’s the clue to desire.

Time out for reflection on how we’re to use our portions of genius is not a sin. It’s the wisdom approach. Better to land at destiny three weeks late than arrive at the wrong planet ‘on time’.

Pause for Truth

Brilliance is not a thing rushed. Now hear this: you are brilliant. God thinks so; never is there a doubt (except in our own minds and in the minds of selfish others).

Reflection is perspective; the chance to breathe deeper into the nuances of life as they pertain right now in your situation. There is never a rush as we prepare to create the masterpiece-of-a-life God’s got in store for us. Why botch a thing of untouchable and unique class?

The Best Thing About Genius

Nothing will beat this truth. Self-perception has the power to give or take. If the Lord of Glory has given sweet gifts who are we to reject these... really?

The best thing about individual genius is we can accept it. It’s true. We’re different in so many ways; blessed are we with original sight and the very thoughts down-flowing. Nothing and no one can trap these beyond our own wills.

All that remains is to go to the nearest mirror, look into it with intent, and agree with God; “I may be a flawed sinner, full of embarrassing faults, but I’m your chosen child of God-enabled and God-capable genius.”

Thank God. Really.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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