Friday, December 10, 2010

Hearts and Minds – Bringing Them Together

Whatever can be explained by the soul’s incongruence can ultimately be levelled at the mismatched heart and mind.

Otherwise named ‘dissonance’ what appears as the double-mindedness of indecision is pushing us to the brink. We best decide to decide in good conscience or just simply delay.


Stages and pages,

Hoped for and written,

Disparaging rages,

Over once what was smitten.

Days roll on,

Taking us with them,

We hardly see the con,

Before we’re stricken.

Blindness it is,

Catching us in bed,

Heart’s amiss,

Mind’s off our head.

Planning and scheming,

Beyond gentle aside,

Can it be crude dreaming,

That’s proudly denied?

“Blessed” by the presence,

Of shocking revelation,

Suddenly cognisance,

Of self-condemnation.

Hearts and minds,

A collusion of scope,

Combining them finds,

To the souls elope.

Journey in prose,

It seems so plain,

Follow your nose,

Despite strident disdain.


Twin personalities are so often fraternal—like non-identical twins they belong to the same mother and share the same birth moment, but they are so often dissimilar.

So it is for those with strained and dissonant thought and feeling. What the heart feels and the mind knows are, here, two different realities. In some ways this is good. A foot in both camps has some chance at getting it right. But it does little for wellbeing.

When Indecision Turns Upon Us

This is our watch-point. Although it’s not preferable, indecision does strike all of us. There are usually very good reasons for the indecision. We’re perhaps God-willed to delay a while longer.

But then we must watch the temptation of the heart to condemn the mind, since we’re feeling guilty, vulnerable or otherwise because of the indecision. At this the mind must calm the heart, reassuring that all will be okay.

Eventually, As They Combine

Congruence is what we’re after. As soon as the mind and heart can agree with each other—thought and feeling aligned, and best in the established truth—we go on in the journey of life to the next thing and so on.

It’s the purpose of life: to journey forward. This is enabled via internal congruence with the external world. It’s what we all need to establish, in an ongoing sense.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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