Saturday, December 11, 2010

Seeing Far – The Very Key to Life

Homes or holiday places with sea views or vast landscape expanses as well as jobs that give us views make us happier. In the broadest terms we like to have control over our environments.

We like to look over life, considering and musing about it, all of us.

Well, okay, that’s the physical world. What about the spiritual?

The very same principle holds. Do we work in response to what life throws at us or do we live as if life itself served just us? Both are true. It depends entirely on our frame of reference; how we view our worlds. We are both victims and in-control, depending on the view that’s personally subscribed. Both are visible, but not at the same time. It depends on our mood. It depends on whether we’re seeing near or seeing far.

Which one will we want—narrow focus or wide?

On sunny days, the sky is seen blue or it’s not there at all—we don’t even notice it. As the weather closes in, we see an opportunity for healthy diversion or we’re swallowed whole by the gloom.

If we want to immerse ourselves in fun, we go to where the fun is—geographically and attitudinally. Here, the humour is a choosing to see far.

This is not just rhetoric. There is something far more important at stake here.

The Search for the Key to Living This Life

If there is a key to living this life it’s to see far. It is the broad and wide open view, the perspective of true time-weighted wisdom. It’s the instinctive, trained choice to see with the higher mind’s view. It’s gazing out over the world beyond the computer screen. Its eyes roam far... far enough for focus to be stretched, so the view can be admired, so that awe can set in, for there is so much to live in awe of.

Still, we’re far more intent, usually, to deplore the thing stuck right in our eye—that crude log; that stumbling block!

This is not God’s design for us.

The design of God is for wide view to be taken for narrow; for deep to be taken for shallow; for perspective in place of veneer; for spiritual farsightedness not nearsightedness.

When our vision is corrected we can at last see the aspects of a God-poised reality. We see far off and see the things near with much clarity too. Without it we don’t stand a chance of understanding God’s will and purpose for our momentary and ultimate lives.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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