Friday, December 31, 2010

Basking in New Year’s Nostalgic Hope

Today is the day the Lord has made,

Let us be glad and rejoice in it,

For today with certainty has made God’s grade,

The Lord’s seal has made it fit.

No matter the snares of yesterday,

Despairing aside – newness is formed,

Starting afresh upon our hopes lay,

Today’s reality sees blessings adorned.

Expectations abound and life’s aflutter,

New days astound – promising wonder,

Pledges flourish but could prove a stutter,

Hopes pass astray – ours hoped not under.

Innocence is the key but realism too,

We’ve want of a spree but hasten to lure,

Precluding risk and the temptations due,

Change is today – truth’s the cure.

Last year is gone – away asunder,

New Year’s born now ours to plunder,

Just take good care to know you’re the same,

Even though you attempt to play a different game.


Many, many people make New Year’s Resolutions, and even many who don’t have their aspirations for a change of fortune or an improved manner of living.

It is peculiar to the human spirit to wonder of time at New Year.

There’s nothing wrong with nostalgic optimism provided it’s augmented with time-weighted wisdom. Keep things in perspective; live life a day at a time and be in no hurry to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

On the Other Hand – Nostalgic Grief

Day one of a New Year, for many, holds an irrational mix of hope and forlornness. It’s where the rubber hits the road, and the start of that journey brings thoughts of loss and discomfort despite hopes for change, growth and renewal. It’s a funny in-between land we find ourselves in. It’s normal to experience a sense of grief as the New Year kicks off. Sometimes we want our lengthy goodbyes.

As we push off from the quay, let’s not forget this...

God has made this day—like all days—and whilst it seems the same, times for us do tend to change, and rapturously so over the considered expanse of time. Even still, whilst everything seems different and new, many of the issues and challenges remain as they were. Hard work and discipline are bound to reward us. This is God’s Wisdom attaching blessing to those who utilise them.

Blessed be you as you begin (or continue) the work!

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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