Friday, December 3, 2010

Beyond Many Rejections Unto Favour

“It’s my flesh that holds onto facts. It’s my spirit that reaches up for the truth.”

~Bishop Kenneth Ulmer.

A life beyond facts is what we’re called heavenward for now.

God stands eternally behind, in front, and all around the evil one. God has the answer as it pertains to those chiding rejections we face from a fractious world bent on our harm.

Acceptance is something we’re inherently needy of. When rejection comes we shriek, no matter how well our exterior seems to contend. But times as these—acceptance times and rejection times—we’re often relying on the wrong truth.

‘Facts’ or Truth

The truth is... truth outstrips fact. The former is an eternal reality that can never change, whilst the latter—our so-called ‘compelling’ fact—is so often open to abuse, partiality, mood and circumstance. The motive of humanity so often fails fact.

We’re blown about on the billowing seas of the facts of our lives, whilst the eternal truth lags behind, hardly featuring for a hearing.

We’re smashed by our worlds; on those lapping seas against the rocks near the lighthouse.

God wants better for us, always. He is the lighthouse imploring us to resist belief in the sweeping seas of our emotions. We believe better in this higher fact of the Spirit’s truth.

Rejecting the Rejectable Facts

Finding ourselves with choice is always a fine place to be. The choice is this: choose for the facts that beckon for our seeing or hearing, or wait just a little longer for God’s Spirit to usher in a more urgent and ever-truthful better truth.

If we take the latter road and hold out, not cruelling ourselves over the rejections that do come, then we can accept that the world is only potent to us to the value we ascribe to it.

We’re best accepting the garbage the world dishes out whilst simultaneously disregarding it for something altogether better.

Doing this allows us to sidestep the hurt.

We go on in the angelic reality of ‘reaching’ high, choosing for eternity. We hold out for a place in the stars, where the Spirit joins with our souls and we celebrate a better set of facts.

What the world tarnishes, the Spirit restores.

What people deride in us, eternity engenders via a more urgent sense of God’s promised completion in us.

When we’re knocked back or disappointed time and time and time again, the world might seek to defuse us. But not God; we’re being made in this, if we remember to reach up and praise God even in our darkest moments.

In these very times is the achievement of God’s favour.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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