Wednesday, November 11, 2015

When Who Am I Meets Who Are You

MEETING someone else, heart connecting with heart, is a reality when first we’ve met ourselves. And meeting ourselves is a reality when we’ve met God.
God, first and foremost, is the connector of all things in Identity. If we have scant regard for God we cannot know ourselves and we cannot know others; let alone love ourselves or others.
Regard for God, on the other hand, is regard for life, willingness to learn, acceptance of our situations in humility, and generally accepting life. It’s never a destination we reach, for we’re always only ever ‘there’ for a short time of intimate contact before the wiles of the world entrap us in a reality of pride, once more.
Humility is a great indicator of acceptance, as acceptance is a great indicator of identity. When we accept who we are we have much less trouble accepting life as it is.
Oh God breed in me acceptance,
For the person you made me to be,
For the person that I am,
Help me with acceptance now to see.
Make this very day of days,
A day when I come forth,
In my acceptance for who you are,
So you can help take my life north.
You know it’s what I need,
To be at peace with who you are,
To be confident in your plan for me,
To help me feel up to par.
So, God, I do implore,
God, it’s you I entreat,
Help me to accept,
It’s you I need to meet.
Of all the years life’s made no sense,
I come to you this day,
Help me to accept,
It’s with you I need to stay.
A commitment to God is the blessing of acceptance — a wisdom of life for what we cannot ever change.
A commitment to God is a commitment to surrender — a wisdom of life for what we cannot ever change.
Everything starts with God, because everything of spiritual progress starts with acceptance. And human beings were created to progress spiritually; progress or rescind. Progress is blessing. Rescinding is cursing. And there’s the choice.
When who I am meets who you are we are both on the same page. But I cannot meet you properly or even desire same without first meeting God who brings me to an acceptance of who I am.
God, who teaches acceptance,
The blessing of life for me,
It’s the truth that sets me free,
Empowering me to be!
Acceptance is surrender. Surrender is knowing God. Knowing God is healing. Healing is blessing. Blessing is acceptance.
Acceptance is the healing we yearn for.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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