Friday, November 27, 2015

How Faith and Wisdom Form Two Sides of Virtue’s Coin

LET’S look at the collocation of two of the worthiest assets in our arsenal for attaining virtue: two sides of the one golden coin, which is a token to be inserted into a full life filled with blessing.
One golden coin,
A token for blessing,
Sides of faith and wisdom,
Each complement the other,
Building resource and resolve,
All for the benefit of God’s Kingdom.
Faith & Wisdom
Faith is the extrovert, wisdom is the introvert, and together they give us the ideal blend of capacity for energies for an ordered state of living.
Faith comes alive when we’re tired of being in the comfort zone. Wisdom is in its element when it’s time to withdraw into one’s study to contemplate. Both are pivotal, and each comes into its own in its momentary season. Blessed is every person who avails themselves to faith when they need to reach out, just as a person needing to be hid with Christ in God is blessed to avail wisdom to their way.
Faith takes risks, is action-oriented, and is prepared to trust.
Wisdom is girded in self-restraint, takes its time to ponder every conceivable possibility, and wishes for the broadest perspective of vision.
Faith, on the other hand, is focused; it sees value in compartmentalising the vision so trust might strip away every interrupting distraction.
Wisdom discerns the way and is waiting for the moment when faith is appropriate.
There are times when ‘faith’ would be foolish, just as there are times when ‘wisdom’ seems too constrained. They call the former blind faith or bad faith. They call the latter paralysing fear.
Faith and wisdom are as well married to each other. And so many couples do epitomise these two essential parts. I’m faith whereas my wife is wisdom, mostly. Yet I know many women who are faith and their husbands are wisdom. It really doesn’t matter who is who. All that matters is the right side of the coin comes uppermost when that virtue is most needed.
Virtue is a blend of both these in appropriate and complementary portion—faith and wisdom. Faith is trust and diligence. Wisdom is discernment and prudence. Faith is courage and hope. Wisdom is understanding and perspective.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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