Wednesday, November 4, 2015

7 Myths If You Believe Will Break Your Heart One Day

TRUTH is a gift no matter how hard it is to hear or assimilate. These are just a smattering of myths that proffer untruths to our detriment.
1.     “Won’t happen to me…” there are many things in life that we think won’t happen to us — the injury from a serious car accident, cancer, divorce, a mugging, a family member killed, etc. The trouble is there are a few things in all our lives that are in the category of ‘won’t happen to me’ that will actually happen to us.
2.     “What I don’t know won’t hurt me…” there are plenty of things in this category in life that will hurt us and we’re better off knowing sooner rather than later. This is close to another dangerous myth:
3.     “Ignorance is bliss…” sorry, it isn’t. Ignorance is generally hurtful in the final analysis; harmful, if not personally, then in our relationships with others, to them. Negligence is born from the womb of ignorance, and the midwife lacks diligence.
4.     “I can’t bear some truth…” actually you can. We all can. We all need to bear more of our truth; those things we don’t quite feel we have the strength for. The more courage we have to deal with our truth, the easier our realities are.
5.     “He/she will always be there for me…” not just limited to marriage, there are many people we feel will always be there for us. Then at the least anticipated moment we’re betrayed. Very few people in life don’t suffer at least one significant betrayal. And many of us perhaps have given people the perception that we are the betrayer. Human beings are inherently morally frail.
6.     “If [fill in the blank] happens I’ll be happy…” so many things we bargain with God for will never produce that everlasting happiness we might pine for. The truth is the only everlasting happiness is being happy in God. It’s the happiness that lasts because nothing we think of as happiness actually lasts. Getting our dream job or dream home or car, or getting famous or rich, are dreams that, if they ever materialised, would never last.
7.     “I know how my life will turn out and how I’ll feel…” what a stinker this one is! Whose life ever turns out as they plan it to? And, how many of us have been blindsided by the emotions of certain life-changing events? — Feelings of pain at an abysmal depth we never thought possible.
Life just doesn’t turn out the way we think it will. But, it turns out better if we remain real in the way we handle it.
Life is about dealing with reality. The more reality we can bear, the more joy we can muster.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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