Sunday, November 22, 2015

Purpose, Power, Presence – 3 Answers to Life We All Want

APATHY, fatigue and doubting are three common weaknesses in a life that can seem anything but controllable and enjoyable.
We all have these most inbuilt of needs that addresses the above three weaknesses of soul and spirit. We need:
1.      Life Purpose Beyond Apathy
Where there is no vision, the people perish, as one version of Proverbs 29:18 puts it. We need a vision that carries us over the cusp of our apathy — a response to life that’s far less impressed with God than it should be.
Too many of us have learned to be sceptics, doubting God’s integrity to give us a life that means something of significance.
God’s enemy, of course, wants us vanquished of vision. He wants us to live useless and banal lives. Not God, however. He’s got a Kingdom he’s wanting to build through people like us. We’re God’s labourers, precious ever more in his sight.
Life purpose is the eternal flame lit deep within our soul. It’s inextinguishable, but we may feel nothing of its heat. Our core is hot but we may feel cold. We need to believe. We need a vision that helps us believe past the slack indifference of apathy.
2.     Personal Power Beyond Fatigue
Life gets big on us sooner or later and we feel defeated by the insatiable demands on our time and energy. We begin to worry we have the reserves to support this venture that is our life. Scary place. Too true!
If we have no personal power energising us beyond fatigue we likely have no connection with that spark of God’s Spirit that is there, again deeper down seemingly below our reach. It’s amazing what vision can generate as far as energy’s concerned for the plain tasks of living.
Having life purpose — and everyone has this potential within them to connect with — will provide us the power that powers us through fatigue. And still we need to balance life in such a way as to not burn all our energies at once. Vision makes us use our energies — our powers — prudently, diligently, wisely.
3.     God’s Presence Beyond Doubt
God’s Presence will underpin our life purpose, because when we know beyond doubt that God is alive in all of life, and alive in us, we know life makes sense even when it doesn’t seem to.
Encounters with the Holy Spirit are indispensable for our sense of belief. Let’s pray for more of these to occur in our own and in others’ lives!
We all need purpose beyond apathy, power beyond fatigue, and God’s Presence beyond doubt. Purpose powers us through God’s Presence; a trinity of forces of blessing.
Life purpose is the eternal flame lit deep within our soul empowering us beyond any doubt for God’s good blessing.
Purpose beyond apathy,
Powers us through fatigue,
And where God’s Presence is beyond doubt,
This life, yours and mine,
Can only succeed.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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