Sunday, November 8, 2015

Through Crisis Comes the Courage To Change

TURNING points challenge perspective and turn perspective around, but not without considerable inner conflict.
From a within a crisis comes a fresh viewpoint, and, where we’re forced to make a new normal, we create a new hope for change. New hope sustains us into, over the cusp, and through transition to change.
Forging a way forward out of a crisis takes courage, but it brings lasting change.
Crises are good in that, as turning points, we’re brought to a precipice in order to see what we couldn’t before. Crises make us see what we wouldn’t otherwise.
So, Hold On… Through Crisis Comes the Courage to Change!
Hold on, hold on,
Through the calamity of change,
Hold onto hope,
When life seems strange.
Hope’s invisible,
Hope: in your despairing,
Know that hope’s indivisible,
Because God is caring.
When crises bring to an end,
All hope of control,
Know God can bend,
Hope toward your goal.
Change is so challenging,
In the midst of struggle,
In the hope of balancing,
Hope despite trouble.
Just hold on in hope,
For strength to rearrange,
Through crisis comes,
The courage to change.
Through crisis comes the courage to change. And courage brings hope for change. Change fully realised realises hope. Hope is both the means of getting through and an end, in itself, we aim for. But courage would never come into its own without first being pushed to the ascendency by crisis.
Pressure brings tension, a crisis for change,
Pressure brings apprehension, time to rearrange,
Pressure forces dissention, a crisis comes forth,
Pressure forces progression, a time to head north.
Pressure brings internal dissention. We must resolve this inner flight; a fight of inner discord. The tension that pressure brings forces us out of our comfort zones into a time and place for growth. The apprehension we feel must, however, be stayed by hope — hope for a moment’s coping; hope that sees us traversing from a choppy sea onto safe dry land. And when we cope with such dissention of being, being content enough in crisis to hold on in hope, pressure forces progression, and we can only head north, into a time of prevailing; a change that sticks; a change that takes us into the hopes of our dreams. Such a hope is worth all the work that’s gone into it. Indeed, this is our very basis for life! Hope. “Please hope!” says the Lord your God.
So, in summing up, through crisis comes the courage to change. Crisis is a catapult into change. It presents new data that we can no longer ignore. So crises are good!
Don’t panic in crisis,
Don’t panic when life’s strange,
God’s building you for more,
He’ll sustain you through change.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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