Thursday, November 12, 2015

When Life’s Down, Stand Up, Walk, and Fight

PAIN is something that seems evil, and would be if not for God.
But pain comes attributed as either a ploy of Satan to befuddle us, or as a tool fashioned by circumstances moulded by God. We must resist ideation of the former and embrace ideation of the latter. This is for our own good. If we get it the wrong way around the enemy will squeeze us and deflect our faith, sending us into a spiral of torment. But if we take a circumstance that can’t be changed and trust God to work it around, eventually, then we may well be blessed. May well… It’s by faith we strive to enter the Promised Land.
Why do I write? And why so when it seems I’m in the midst of a battle? It’s because it’s the way I stand up, walk, and fight, in the foray of faith. I love to feel for the way to fight back which is the spiritual resilience of the Spirit’s power to resurrect a crucified situation. Resurrection is the creational and miraculous craft of God bringing hope out of despairing situations by our faith.
Don’t give up when you feel empty,
Don’t fret when you feel numb,
God will turn your life around,
When it’s to him alone you come.
Wherever there are struggles,
Wherever there is pain,
Know that those who love you,
Are there in both sunshine and rain.
When energy’s sapped away,
And you’re blazed as an empty shell,
Do pray to God above,
Do commit ever to tell.
You won’t see your injury,
You cannot see yourself bleed,
But healing that comes from within,
Is what you’ll need to succeed.
Those who sit there with you,
At night or by ever boring day,
Those who love you no matter what,
Are there with you to pray.
Be assured of your divine worthiness,
As you rest in your holy Lord,
Despite your feelings that are crazy,
In him you’re certainly adored.
Shout ‘Hooray’ when darkness seems normal,
When you’re unshakable in the sight of despair,
Because that’s the place of maturity,
That’s the place of faith right there.
The apex of faith as I experience it is a nonchalant acceptance of the reality that’s foisted upon us — never simply a personal attack, but a life situation that couldn’t be otherwise avoided. True faith is the courage to act despite feelings of fear; not denying such feelings but harnessing them in the faith response.
Maybe it’s not until now,
That you’re able enough to see,
God is the one after your own heart,
He wants you to be free.
Sometimes when we’re down we don’t know how to get back up. It doesn’t matter how, all we must do is fight. We’ll find a way to stand.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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