Saturday, November 14, 2015

Stamping Out Fretting Complaint

SO THEN, my dear friends, just as you always listen intently, whether you felt anyone was watching or not, continue to work hard in doing God’s will as if God were actually present, knowing he is coming, because you know he is at work in you passively by his will, as you ponder it, and actively by the work he’s doing in and through you. Do everything without murmuring grumbling, which leads to self-deception, so everyone will find you without fault; a blessed child of God above reproach in every way. Don’t be caught fretting, especially when people scheme and appear to succeed, for fretting leads to complaining, and complaining leads to anger, and anger leads to evil. This can never be what God wants from or for you. God will vindicate the injustices done against you. If you respond as you can and should, God will make you shine like the dawn, and you will blaze like the midday sun. Trust God and all will be well. Do all these things that I commend to you this day, and you will shine like the biggest star in the universe for all of heaven to see.
The above paragraph is my paraphrase of a meld of Philippians 2:12-16 and Psalm 37:4-8.
When people seem to get ahead,
And you wonder when justice will come,
Revert to the Lord instead,
And before him let your petition run.
The purpose of prayer of petition — beyond the words of the prayers we pray — is to change our frame of mind, which in turn will transform the emotions we feel.
What good use is complaining, my dear,
If our complaints don’t go to God as prayers?
Our friends may appear to hear,
But it’s really only God who cares.
Complaints are fuel for the right kind of prayer. The problem with complaints when we go horizontal rather than vertical is we get ourselves further away from a response of obedience. The only exception to this is time we make to talk with people who can help us with a process to deal responsibly with our complaints.
Don’t fret when anxiousness reigns,
Look up when life’s in disarray,
For despite your struggles and pains,
God can turn your skies blue from grey.
Look up. Change your perspective. Challenge yourself to believe life’s circumstances will change. Only when we put down a deposit of hope will we have belief enough to search every day for a new day through faith. We must fight for a better day; that’s the designation of our hope.
Discern God’s will and do it,
And your Lord will vindicate you,
Know by this you’re spiritually fit,
By this God will show you as true.
Our chief role is to do God’s will. Discerning that is more than half the battle.
Fretting and complaining give no benefit if we don’t pray and make for change today.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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