Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Uplift of the Spirit When You’re Down On Life

For… Yours, waiting patiently in hope.
BLUNDERBUSS, an awkward-loading rifle, fires its projectiles as effectively as any when it’s loaded adequately, by its design. It’s no ineffective weapon, unless it’s pitted against an automatic rifle like an AK47.
Unlike rifles, we’re all created for God’s glory, and yet there’s the full range of weaponry for the Kingdom at God’s disposal — in us, as a church, as we are.
Still, we are who we are. And we’ve landed in some pretty sticky situations in life. That stickiness is thick and effusive right now. It’s on the nose. You’re left wondering why… why me… why now… why does it have to be this way?
When you’re feeling spurned,
When everything’s burned,
When life’s turned from bright to grey,
When you’ve lost hope,
And you’ve no way to cope,
Reach out, reach up; seek help today.
Reaching out is about reaching our hands out to loved ones, counsellors, wise advisors, mentors and the like. Someone who’ll listen. Reaching up is finding a sense for where God is in all this.
Seeking help today is about reaching horizontally and vertically. Looking up, we sense that God would communicate something to us; his perception of events and how we feel about them. Looking out, we surely have one person that God brings to mind; someone who’ll sit with us, listen, pray with us, and be a kindly shoulder to lean on for such a time as this.
There can be no underestimating the power and Presence for God in the fellowship of someone there for us. But I want to devote the rest of the article to God’s Spiritual Presence through his Holy Spirit, in us, and all around us by his holy angels.
God of Spirit, breathe within,
Help me be acquitted of my sin,
Make a way for me out of this,
Restore me to your divine bliss.
The Spirit will breathe in us like a mighty wind that can come from nowhere else but God. Such a force of inspiration is possible when we depart enough from ourselves to surrender, even for moments. The more we debunk the default thinking — of staying stuck in the stickiness of our situation — the more we’ll be open to God breathing his Spirit again afresh through us.
Even as I stand there with nothing left inside,
Standing faintly as a deer pants for water,
Even as I ponder the Lamb at the slaughter,
Give me poise, Lord, and be my blessed Guide.
Spirit breathe, breathe deeply inside of me,
Wind of God usher life into my aching hollow bones,
Help me, Holy Spirit, as my soul within me groans,
Lord, make me to live, my soul inside me free.
Spirit breathe, breathe passion to revive my soul,
Lift me up as on the eagle’s victorious wings,
Until all the life within me finally flies and sings,
And then I’ll know you’ve lifted me out of Sheol.
Yours, waiting patiently in hope.
Make today tomorrow’s best yesterday,
Knowing what’s past is past,
Know that these feelings won’t last,
When you stay firm in today.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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