Sunday, May 25, 2014

When Faith Grows; the Blessing of Obedience

“As faith grows, so comes the blessing of obedience.”
— Tim & Melanie Downes
Obedience in the Faith is a contentious issue for Christians, but not so much regarding the production of debates; it’s more the truth of the multiplicity of angles represented in the coherence between obedience and faith. The Downes’ quote smacks of this very multiplicity – a truth that works within so many tangents of wisdom. I love it.
Try these three, below, before we probe the awesome dynamic of wisdom in this truth:
1.      Faith, when invested in by trust, brings an innate blessing for simply being obedient.
2.      As faith is plied then there is sown the requirements of trust that equate to God’s particular and very specific blessing for that obedience.
3.      Faith is the ‘works’ of the Kingdom, though works and faith seem dichotomous. The works of faith sow righteousness through righteousness, as the righteous will live and be approved by faith.
Obedience in the Faith
Grasping wisdom is like mining for precious metals like gold or silver (Job 28). There is found more material for wealth the deeper we go. Perhaps the best of finds is made long into the night as perseverance plunges willingly notwithstanding the sweat, the dust, and the grime.
Faith comes into its own as we continue driving deeply into the shaft of exploration, which is the obedience of trust – to simply keep going, notwithstanding the sheer Brinell hardness of shale we are digging through. This is why faith grows in proportion to the immensity of the struggle. This is a hard word, for none of us wants to struggle.
But at least there is a divine compensation for those struggles that are met well. A blessing of obedience is seeing faith grow. Such obedience to observe faith growing, and to let such growth occur unimpeded, and, to encourage it by nurturing it, that has to be the wisdom of a salvation life that chooses salvation touch points every possible moment. That is the Christian’s goal.
Obedience in the faith is the equation of trust melded with time and patient tolerance to know God is in control. And when God shows through with the inevitable blessings, for which we can be humbly thankful, we attribute our works of trust as the righteousness that the Scriptures tell of – that righteousness of our Lord as we follow as his disciples.
To trust God is to repel fear, relinquish the flesh, refute the devil, and refuse the world. As faith grows, so comes the blessing of obedience.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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