Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Beauty and Majesty of God In Being You

Beauty comes from within. Majesty is power to know and accept an inalienable truth: you are who you are. We all are. We are all incredible specimens. All of us are creatures exactly by design; created for God’s satisfaction and glory.
That’s how it is, in the plainest terms. It is for us to accept, for denying reality is nothing to be pleased or proud about. Denying reality is a waste of time, which is a thing none of us have an endless quota of.
So we come to some urgent truth for those of us who have been convinced that God is real. When we have experienced salvation for real, and when being saved from both the burden (the guilt of it today) and the brunt (the eternal consequences) of our sin is our reality, we enjoy a classic and unfettered truth – God loves us – and we invited into the experience of new life, which is to enjoy our surreal beauty for what it is.
This is self-acceptance in the sight of God, for whomever God has accepted should not feel rejected, least of all by themselves.
But we can be told these things ad nauseam and still not be any closer to the experience of it.
The beauty and majesty of God in being you is a fact – and a fact ever closer to our experiencing of it if we call ourselves believers. The unbeliever is no different, because they, too, have been sought by God. The experience of knowing their beauty and majesty, however, is still further away than it is for believers. But God has the same love for each of his creations.
The beauty and majesty of God in being you is to be personally discerned and experienced. This is not about a prosperity doctrine or some positive-thinking philosophy. This is the practice of doing ourselves a favour. God can use us a whole lot more and sooner when we have woken up to how acceptable we are in his sight, even as we seek him to obey.
You are beautiful and the wealth of love God has invested in you is majestic. It is time to begin the process of believing the truth that will set us free. When we realise, for once in our lives, that we are already furnished we will begin to put our hand up – to do the Kingdom work for which we were eternally purposed.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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