Friday, May 9, 2014

The Change of Heart in Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a gift of God. A gift can never be bought.
We bring to him our willingness – that is all. God does the rest as he wills it.
He shows us the way in his time. We cannot coerce God.
Who can ever boast that they have forgiven? None of its basis is your work.
Think on it now: you are forgiven! Could you do such a thing?
Forgiveness is a miracle of God. It is rather inexplicable, really.
To engage in it is to be released from bondage. It is the will of God.
We could not have done this by ourselves. We would not know where to begin.
Surrendering the ‘sacrifice’ of our resentment,
God makes it possible that fresh light is shed.
Perspective is evidence of forgiveness’ transformation in us; through us.
Forgiveness is the grace of God...
To do what we could not do...
To do what we cannot understand...
To do what cannot really be explained.
But, we are so blessed to be relieved of a heinous burden.
It is a gift: forgiveness. It is free, yet it could not be procured by us at all.
A gift costs us nothing, but it has eternal worth. Its value is inestimable.
Such a gift can only come from God. Nowhere else can we get such healing.
Feel it; see it; touch it; but do not say it came from you.
Experience it; the fullness of grace; the work of the Spirit deep within you.
Enjoy it; live it; proclaim it; God’s work in you.
What God has done is not a brag; it is no boast; of no account was it you.
Without God it could not occur.
God can do anything.
Trust God.
FORGIVING someone a wrong that was done to us is not something we can, of ourselves, do. We cannot claim to procure grace of our own doing; only God can do that. We are forgeries of faith if we think we can do that which only God can do.
So, having forgiven somebody, we thank God, and we enjoy the freedom that has been extended to us. Sure, we had to pray and have the desire to forgive, but God made the miracle of transformation occur.
God changed our hearts, when previously only our mind was willing.
Forgiveness is found fully matured when our hearts have been changed. The mind can be changed by us, but not the heart. God must be the one to penetrate and change how we truly feel.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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