Friday, May 2, 2014

Experiencing God’s Healing Touch In Sadness

“By handing over my sad [inner] child to receive a gentle touch from God, the tears flowed for that which was appropriate yet they never settled or threatened to drown me.”
— Karen Wilson
MIRACLES are transformations for life in every single person who submits their brokenness to God.
The subject matter, above, is about wetness, dampness, sorrow, fatigue, weeping, the production of tears, the filling of receptacles that seem not to be filling until we seem so suddenly and irreparably overwhelmed. The torrent becomes us. And many are so afraid of torrents that sweep all hope of happiness away. They refuse the risk of going anywhere near there!
Letting the Sadness of the Inner Child Flow In and Go
By taking the risk to pour our honest hearts out to God we also take a risk regarding how we will possibly control the torrent – that never-ending gush forth of salty droplets that form into streams on our face.
But Karen Wilson’s point, above, is a miraculous truth we will know by faith as a product of surrendering that vulnerable child before him.
Tears can be the activator of our secondary sadness – a true heart-rending sadness for what we have lost – or they can come as a product of carrying our sadness to God, then, hence tears.
This is a subtle difference: the former is without God, and the tears may never end, because the root of the sadness is never healed. But the latter is with God, the Presence of him who saves us even in grief, and we then, somehow, receive a gentle touch – knowing he is there with us – which works to the effect that the tears do not now overwhelm us.
The tears of the first sadness have only sorrowful properties. The tears of the second sadness – the one God is invited into – have only healing properties.
Letting the sadness of the inner child flow in and then go is recognising that we need to feel this sadness, but that sadness is only useful if we journey there with the Spirit of God.
Miracles are transformations for life in every single person who submits their brokenness to God. Healing is the transformation of God when we feel touched in our sadness through the pouring out of many tears. But, amazingly, these healing tears are neither intrinsically painful nor overwhelming in their longevity.
Faith carries the burden of sadness to God and the Lord never fails to heal.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.
Acknowledgement: for more information on Karen Wilson’s book, The Inside Story, go to Both in content and hardback presentation this book is a masterpiece of human authenticity, where one person’s private world is ‘sacrificed’ in love, expressed and enunciated, for the deliverance of others’ private worlds.

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  1. Hi, Please I may need help and I was wondering if you can pray for me.
    My heart seems so overwhelmed with deep sadness. I recently went through a break up from a 1 month long relationship. So I went back to the word of God and prayer and seeking him.
    However I am dealing with this spirit of heaviness and sadness which causes me to cry at anything and everything. I have opened my heart and specifically asked God to heal all my wounds from when I was a child. I grew up in a home where my parents always fought.
    I do not like this feeling of sadness and I desperately call on God to take it away from me. Sometimes I want to just give in and let the torrents of this sadness just sweep over me, but I am fighting, fighting, fighting to be above, by desperately calling on God, reading the word and other articles.
    Please pray for me. The emotional torment is unbearable, I can no longer deal with it. I want to be FREE


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