Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Receiving God’s Love for the Unloved Child In You

“It doesn’t take much for me to feel unloved or unwanted.”
— Karen Wilson
OH how raw and real this quote, above, is in the realm of human experience in the season of lack – for which we are all exposed to.
The sentiment of lack – of feeling unloved, of worth in things we do rather than in who we are – is palpable, yet it alights our human perspective as we are usually found trying too hard to maintain a victorious and virtuous self-image. God never purposed us to wear a mask as it comes to the intimate relationships he has given us into. We have our contribution to make.
This is where Karen Wilson’s quote is ever poignant: she understands the importance of speaking truthfully from her vulnerable heart. Everyone like Karen go on in God’s power, to extension of ministerial borders and the enlarging of territories, to share this Gospel message; we need to connect with our true lack – all in order that our reliance on God deepens and matures. We are called to become mature in our dependence, which is utterly paradoxical, yet never truer so far as spiritual growth and being are concerned.
Presenting As Vulnerable to Receive God’s Love
We will only receive God’s love if we are open to it. If God can do nothing for us, because we are of our own resources, self-sufficient, we cannot receive that which we really need, because, in pride, it is locked out to us.
This is the biggest human tragedy: that God cannot penetrate us at times, and for the many it is never!
Receiving God’s love is a mandate for sustaining ourselves spiritually; it is the heart of the Lord for the servicing of our mind, heart and soul. To receive we need to be vulnerable. To be vulnerable we will need to be honest. To be honest we will need to be courageous. And to be courageous involves faith.
Receiving God’s love is no mystery
Of our might, ability or power
Except when it comes to relying
On him, in truth, every living hour.
If the Spirit is our path and bearing
Even in the folly of human sight
When we feel unloved and unwanted
He will lift us by his Sovereign might.
We, in our heart of hearts, are children of God, but it’s up to us to own such an eternal reality. Only as we accept the love God has for us will we receive it and have any hope of loving ourselves as we from eternity were always destined.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.
Acknowledgement: for more information on Karen Wilson’s book, The Inside Story, go to http://www.karensinsidestory.com/. The quote used is from page 142. Both in content and hardback presentation this book is a masterpiece of human authenticity and integrity of raw-honest-self – such an important contribution to God’s restorative work on this Earth – where God uses Karen’s private world experiences, which are ‘sacrificed’ in love, and are expressed and enunciated plainly, for the deliverance, through God’s Spirit, of others’ private worlds.

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