Sunday, May 11, 2014

What Satan Doesn’t Want You To Know About Busyness

Many are the blessings,
As there are many expressions of the curse,
With busyness don’t be confused,
Help me, Lord, your rest within to nurse.
Mothers Day. It arrives another year and there are a myriad of thoughts and prayers for all sorts of people – not just mothers, nor women, but children and men as well.
The Spirit ushered within me these words, “Take heed of the mother; ever busy in the loving. Not all busyness is Satan’s joy. Mothers, among the many, engage in the labour of love every moment of their lives.”
The truth is, so many mothers, as an exemplification of true Christian disciples, throw their lives away so their children will know love and life and opportunity.
What Satan doesn’t want us to know about busyness is that a life sacrificed to the transcending of the altar of time is a life won to the Lord.
Now, the Lord never destines us to be worn flat to the burying of all our passion in the midst of burnout, but God has strength and energy we know nothing about; unless we have ventured into that vast unknown of sacrifice by the mode of pure love.
If we can serve and sacrifice and love and serve some more, and wisely sprinkle in the right forms and right amount of spiritual recovering rest, God is getting the most use from us. And Satan wants us to be ignorant of God’s power to provide such energy, enthusiasm, encouragement and empowerment that comes from a life of service, sacrifice, and love.
There is no wisdom in getting burned out because we are burning our own fuel, but there is such purpose in burning the fuel of God to the extension of blessing everywhere we go.
Mothers are our example – their selfless love is a testimony of how one can prosper against the odds just as any one of us can sink into the folly of holding back because we fear burnout.
If we run on God’s power we do not burn out; to run on God’s power is to seek the Lord in everything we do in his power.
Satan wants us to believe that all busyness is bad, but there’s one type of busyness that is fuelled by the Holy Spirit and that is the sacrifice of a labour of love.
When we throw our lives into love, to the extent we are busy blessing people (because we can), we are a force against the enemy. Satan would prefer God’s power in and through us is negated and rendered ineffective. There is busyness for God that is powered by the Holy Spirit and burnout cannot touch it.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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