Wednesday, May 14, 2014

20 Questions for Counselling Someone Stuck

Working with a traumatised man recently, praying into the ether for guidance on how to help him, realising he was stuck, like we all get stuck, the Spirit of God gave me the following questions:
1.      Was God in that traumatising situation you were in?
2.      How is God making all things new in this?
3.      Is there a new revelation for you to know or seek out in this?
4.      What is to be jettisoned to make room for new thoughts and new feelings to be nurtured?
5.      What compartments of your life must now be constructed or deconstructed or reconstructed?
6.      Some things need to be dissolved into their raw elements; what are they?
7.      Is Jesus in the trauma with you as you relive it?
8.      How is Jesus experienced in the sensual format – can you see his face; what does he say; and what facial expression does he exhibit?
9.      How is apathy, specifically in your life, the wrong way in handling this?
10. What are the components of indecisiveness in this for you (list them); how do you overcome each of them?
11. What blocks your decisions and why is that so? Is it fear, doubting, too many options; too few options?
12. What are the decisions that just need to be made?
13. What resources do you have open to you in coping with the present issue(s) and how will you use them to overcome the situation?
14. Why are the decisions you feel that need to be made necessary? Are they necessary?
15. How do you feel hurried in this situation? How can you feel more deliberate and at peace?
16. How must you lose your life (a healthy sacrifice) to save it?
17. What is best for all the persons involved in this? How can the best result for most be accomplished? What are the costs and are they tenable?
18. Where do you feel hamstrung? How can you feel more empowered?
19. What do your prayers to God consist of (and do you pray)? What is your impression of God’s responsiveness in this situation?
20. What possible good is God doing in this present trial? What could be the benefit derived in the future – even a future you cannot see just now?
Questions can be a great way of exploring mysteries to the inviting of God’s revelation to break over our awareness to free us of trials.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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