Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winning Our Wellbeing

Positioned and poised however to be,

The state entranced, one of glee,

Intention’s fixed to remain right here,

Let’s get that abundantly clear.

Present and near future, visions of bliss,

The sky’s blue lure, one to kiss,

No thought to miss, what’s apparently due,

Forgotten or dismissed, thoughts that are blue.

Wellbeing’s been won, heartened and glad,

Life’s all sun, beyond vision of bad,

No longer mad, when life made no sense,

No longer sad, sparing no expense.


A State Of Mind – A Condition Of Heart

First and foremost, winning our wellbeing is an experience fondly remembered and, for the fortunate, something easily retrieved. Then we can see our ideas of winning our wellbeing are only as good as what we’ve known. God may even have better wellbeing in mind for us—to be experienced sometime in the future.

However we reflect on the state of mind and condition of heart resplendent in wellbeing, it’s limited to our experience; our perception; our personality.

Such a state and condition of pure wellbeing is realms beyond worldly happiness; it is peace.

Experienced for a moment—however long it’s to last—there’s the serenity of our most preferred poise; such a thing most personally defined. We intend on staying here, yet the best of wellbeing allows immersion to any circumstance—it surpasses the entrapment of conditions we place on God regarding our lives: what we’ll put up with and what we won’t. Of course, that’s folly.

Yes, the greatest achievement of wellbeing is joy in plenty and in want, when sated or hungry, and satisfied whether jaded and stimulated. This is the peace of the Lord; the tranquil place beyond the wrangling world.

Desiring Wellbeing

It’s perfectly natural to desire wellbeing. Yet everyone defines wellbeing somehow differently within the commonality of the concept grounded in the fundament of God (whether people attribute God as its source or not).

Desire is most important. Where there is desire, the will to imagine a better place where the soul finds better quality rest, wellbeing must surely be available for the grasping.

Desire is what takes our minds through essential thinking processes—those that interrogate the heart beneath, in discovering the path, the milestones, and even the internal monitoring systems giving us feedback as to how we’re going and what needs to be done.

Desire helps us to become convicted about a change in direction, so that something rarely felt can, indeed, be felt all the more.


Winning our wellbeing is securing peace, joy, and grace, simultaneously. We may have had it. It can be won, again. That state of mind and condition of heart centres on our desire—will we work for it?

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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