Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Maximising Your Next 15 Minutes

The key to achieving any goal is splitting time into usable, manageable portions and doing what needs to be done in the present moment to support longer-term objectives.

The achievement of goals centres on that—doing what needs to be done—over time; in many cases, indefinitely.

To stop smoking it’s a matter of not smoking during every 15-minute period and refocusing on positives that breathe life into our mindsets. Quitting smoking is a compelling example how powerful one 15-minute period is—get through one such period of craving, perhaps by refocusing, and ensuing 15-minute periods are easier.

The more of those 15-minute blocks we tuck into our victory belts, the more confidence we acquire, and the more assured we become.

Breaking Down The Outlook Into Divisible Chunks

It’s a most powerful technique for life when we break our outlook down to each 15-minute moment or segment of time.

This is because we obey God to the extent of agreeing to live within the available present—as behind is the memory and ahead is anticipation; neither is necessary, nor are they relevant to what we can do now.

As far as living capacities are concerned, the past and future are eternally unavailable for our practical use. Sure, they may help or hinder, as providores of faith or fear, but they still stand at an inevitable distance—out of our reach.

Getting into the discipline of breaking down our outlook into smaller chunks of time could be the most basic way of redeeming useable power—the sense of achievement we feel is its own evidence. How good do we feel having obeyed God’s will for that small portion of time?

Developing The Discipline

Maybe the only thing dissuading us towards such a noble goal is our lack of focused mental discipline to think so mindfully all the time. The truth is we do need times when we don’t think so avidly. But we also need times, many of them, when we do.

Developing the discipline could be as simple as setting very easy-to-reach goals that are achieved within our 15 minutes.

Think of the positive energy we draw having completed one, two, or three small tasks in that 15 minutes.

A Further Advantage – The Role Of Positivity

One of the advantages of such an intentioned focus is the fact that positivity floods out the possibility of negativity; when light shines into the darkness, the darkness fades away.

Negativity cannot cohabit in a positive seedbed environment. This alone is reason to invest in the motivation of purpose to the 15-minute end.


Distilling life down into the next 15-minute chunk of existence is the power to achieve something small yet significant, or it goes toward the achievement of something larger. It creates focus, enthusiasm, passion; we redeem encouragement.

As the mode for living life, one word describes it: Power—to achieve.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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