Saturday, January 28, 2012

Living the ‘This Is Me’ Dream

“The greatest insult to ourselves: Is when we hide from this world. Let go. Say, ‘Hello everybody, this is me, how are you?’”

~Paul Hewson (a.k.a. Bono)

There are portions of living and portions of dying—and all between—in this life. Living an abundant life at all times, on the other hand, is a lie, for we all shrink from the world at some point or other, due to self-consciousness, unexplained anxiety, or a sensible grief-induced depression, etc.

In darkness and in the light, we are blessed most when we exhibit our current selves, truly, to our world—if that makes us comfortable. Still, there are closeted times.

We may still want to be safe and secure, more comfortable, in our own skin.

Presenting The Real ‘Us

It’s a basic thing, but we all find some level of stodginess in the matter of our minds and hesitancy within the matter of our hearts—states of self-doubt.

If there is a Creator God, and there is, and this Divine Being has constructed us this actual way, there is good reason to present that person to the world. Who would we be to reject the work of an Intelligence beyond ours?

This is a realistic question.

We have many rights over ourselves, many we haven’t fully vindicated in defence of ourselves, yet we have no right over the rejection of God’s work to the ends of seeing ourselves as incapably lowly (with the important exception of humility—but humility isn’t characterised by the struggle for self-acceptance).

Just Saying “Hello Everybody”

Getting to the point of standing before a crowd in order to say, “Hello, everyone, this is me,” is boldness beyond many people’s realistic hopes. Yet, it’s only a risk; for embarrassment; for failure; for humiliation. What is there, really, to lose?

Being abundantly comfortable in our own skin, owning our thoughts and being happy enough in our feelings, may not be an easy destination to reach; but it cannot be reached without a search; without risks taken; without throwing caution to the wind in calculated courage; without negotiating the way.

Introducing ourselves to our world and overcoming our fears is only possible if we give it a go and continue doing so.

World, Accept Me! – Too Bad If You Don’t, Because I Do

When all of what is said is done, and all thinking must be submitted and judged, none of the thinking and judging, it has to be said, means much at all.

Cutting to the chase regarding self-acceptance, there is the crucial task; an order to the world: “Take me as you find me, for I will not change.”

Given the facts of our unconditional love for others, and our enthusiasm to let them live freely, we grant ourselves the same right—we will live and let live.


When we accept ourselves, and offer our world the same deal, accepting all their responses with unreserved grace, we are living the dream. If God accepts us, and unconditionally so, who is the person to us that doesn’t?

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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