Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Art of Prayer for Sublime Focus

Being human carries with it the state of seeking change—who is 100% satisfied or content with their lives? These changes we seek don’t stick; we keep coming back to the same things we desire to change. We try different methods; a different focus perhaps. And again we fail.

But our resilient desire to improve continues to goad us into trying, again and again; it fights with that fleshy desire that wants us feeling good in the moment; one where satisfaction quickly ebbs away.

A Deeper Focus

Focus is the key to change—to sustainable ends. But such a focus is bound to ebb, itself, if it doesn’t reach a depth we shall call sublime: a focus gained and ingrained through the imprinting of our identities.

Such imprinting takes several months to consecutive years to establish. It’s a journey eternally worth the pain of change, for a new passage to a more satisfying destiny has been tapped.

The work of the deeper focus reaches so deeply into our identities it etches itself into our souls. The change we desired and long fought for has become impregnable.

The Practicalities Of Sublime Focus

These are what procure an indelible and easy focus; but the effort has already gone in.

We have learned to pray the mantra of words God has given us—Lord, I desire freedom from ____________. Show me the way, today and always. Amen.” Praying such a breath-prayer to the point of consistent habit, many times daily, begins to involve the subconscious mind, supplanting effort.

This is the part of the mind that does our homework for us, effortlessly, once it is trained. Given time, such prayers make their way into our ever-forming identity.

Combined with conscious focus, the subconscious focus now sponsors every effort toward our goal. Focus becomes more sublime, effortless and, therefore, pleasing. The reasons for our devotion to God are beginning to make practical sense.

God’s Spirit has answered our prayers because we have put God first by seeking him, foremost, by a prayer of repentance (Matthew 6:33).

A Gorgeous New Reality

With such a method of godly allegiance, to pray incessantly, we redeem the ever-present portion of blessing for the newly achieved sublime focus.

The change is now seamless. What would take great effort previously, or was not even sustainable, is now somehow never easier because of an undercurrent of focus that comes inexplicably from within us.

We have surely witnessed, first-hand, the genesis and continuation of a miracle—something we cannot fully explain and are, therefore, supremely thankful for.


Habit-changing focus must reach, and involve, the subconscious mind. Such a sublime focus is made operative by constant prayer over time, which transforms our identity, making change seamless and pleasing and, therefore, it is miraculous.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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