Friday, January 27, 2012

Cosmically Alone With God

“... the Lord alone guided him;

no foreign god was with him.”

~Deuteronomy 32:12 (NRSV)

One thing that stands between us, as persons, and the truth regarding life is we are cosmically alone in this world and in eternity—alone with God. We came into this world alone and alone we shall leave it—from our Maker we came and to our Maker we will go; into Divine possession again, yet, strangely, we never really left.

This is a thing atheists don’t understand; we are never apart from God.

We may kick and scream as much as we decide—non-believers and believers alike—hitherto, there’s no changing these simple, still never more powerful, facts.

There is no escaping our relationships with ourselves and, in that, our relationships with the Giver of Life as our lives contend with thought for the Irrevocable Clause: death.

That we pass from a physical, breathing life into the embers of the eternal, spiritual age, and alone we go, must surely be proof of our cosmic aloneness.

This is nothing to be afraid of; nothing we will be subject to is peculiar beyond what every human being will experience.

This is an ethereal subject. Some might think it too morbid; what is morbid about the truth—the inescapable truth? It pays for us to take courage; to be strong and courageous about this. Burying our heads in the sand will do us no good.

If we have the courage, we can dig deeper into spiritual truths almost too marvellous for contemplation.

Our Existence Is Just Us And God

There is good reason to get to know God—it’s our destiny; to meet God.

To spend what amounts to a few short years—100 at the most—in denying our identity as alone-in-God has to be the most short-sighted thing anyone can do. What good is there in denying what is so plainly visible within the precious vestiges of our spirits? To bar God access to that which he designed and created is to reject all intrinsic sense.

Given the aforementioned, what true and logical basis do we have in rejecting the concept of our cosmic aloneness?

Accountable To God

The further we dig the more we get into the basis of our lives and the fact we, alone, are accountable to God.

This means we can be called to account at any time. The fact that our lives will end indicates this calling to account is soon to occur—indeed, it has already commenced, in many ways, by the way we have responded here on earth to the ends of the many consequences for our actions.

That we are accountable to God, and nobody or nothing else, in our cosmic aloneness, is inescapable. There is no sense in disputation. No correspondence will be entered into.

The Very Best Form Of Aloneness

Even though many introverts truly appreciate being left alone, all humanity needs fellowship. The best thing about cosmic aloneness is that it is utterly opposite to the experience of human aloneness; a sound identity in our cosmic aloneness unveils intimacy with ourselves through God.


Consider that, truly, God is the only consistent, eternal companion we have before birth, during life, and post death. Being cosmically alone with God appreciates the Lord can never leave us, nor forsake us. The unshakeable Presence of God is the indelible eternal truth.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

Graphic Credit: Ashley B. Chapman.

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