Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Life IS What It HAS Become

Our lives have become what they were destined to become—that is the position we find ourselves in when we have truly found acceptance regarding what has become of us.

Finding such an acceptance is a state achieved in the realisation that, despite the pain of the past, including the regrets, which will have eternal validity, we are as happily contented as we can be given the circumstances of our pasts. This, obviously, is no easy destination to reach for the majority of us.

Destiny – A Fascinating Concept And One To Accept

The trigger word, destiny, has a plethora of usable detail about it. In the present context, we look back at the past from the results of our lives: our destiny to this point. We cannot argue that pain wasn’t our destiny any more than we can argue the triumphs weren’t also. Life encompasses the good and the bad.

Not accepting the outworking of our destinies—to this point in our lives—is synonymous to denial-of-self; an all-too-common state of refusing to be reconciled, in practice, to God. We might have accepted Christ, doctrinally, but we have not yet surrendered to him to the extent of allowing the Spirit to transform our lives in truth through courageous humility on our part.

This point of destiny, as it has occurred to us, is either welcomed or shunned.

There is every positive reason in welcoming destiny as it has unfolded, to all its fascinating options for the future, but there’s no logical reason in shunning it; what might provide short-term comfort provides no long-term solution. Denial-of-self can only harm us.

Accepting Life Right Here, Right Now

Life is what it has become. There is no point in wrangling with why. The ‘what’ is more relevant to the past, more worthy for the future, and a purposeful platform for now.

Accepting life as it is, right here and right now, is still not easy in many circumstances, but so long as it is our goal—that we keep repetitively coming back to it—there is fervent reason for peace to abide within us and, therefore, hope.

To all intents and purposes, we all require a certain quantity of healing with regard to our pasts, with acceptance as our goal.

The moments of truly being at peace with life as it has become us are the snapshots of salvation that are bequeathed to us as the result of our grappling with awkward truths in courage, which acquiescence in humility. Real peace comes when we accept honest truth.


Truly the most blessed life has come to peace about itself. Salvation, in the practical sense, has been realised when one life has seen a vision of what it can become, from a platform of where it currently is. Peace, hope, and joy envelop the soul at home in itself.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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