Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stop, Watch and Learn

We learn so much about others, and therefore much about our own human lives, when we stop awhile and simply watch—watching for the sake of just watching.

Car parks are perhaps a salient example of human behaviour and decision-making; a nice high vantage point affords the cherished bird’s eye view—life’s peaceful up high.

There is nothing sinister in our motive; we simply take a moment to reclaim our peace and to learn a little about human nature.

Peace And Humility Retrieved

Taking time to simply watch our active world is the cathartic space of aloneness in the lap of God; to consider the vastness of the Creator’s created world.

Such a surreal aloneness is joy—bereft of lack, not fellowship. The best of peace is known to the mind’s space in God-abiding reflection. Such a sense of aloneness is present before humanity, anywhere, anytime, yet most of our lives are spent so much in a blur we don’t retrieve it.

Peace for ourselves is secured when we think at depth about others’ lives—and that aloneness engenders humility which, in turn, promotes learning.

What We Learn From Others About Ourselves

Ever wondered why someone did something and then thought, “Actually I do that, too”?

We may be different—us, personally, and others—but we are not that different.

So, as we observe others in their going about their lives, we watch with a baited question: “What is common in these behaviours with mine? And, why is that?”

By far most of the observable features of others’ lives we notice are negative—times when they are taking short cuts, showing scant consideration for others, or making dumb errors because they were overloaded mentally or were awry emotionally.

This is not altogether a bad thing. If we are reflecting, honestly, on the commonality implicit in others’ actions with ours, we will draw down what God is saying to us through the account of our own lives.

God will speak. Indeed, the Lord delights through visitation in circumstances such as these—it is honest and availed learning before the feet of the Father. And our Lord will pour in much insight, and enough grace to deal with it, via the Holy Spirit.


To stop and watch the world in all its flurry of action is peace. Simply observing life in full flourish is nectar for learning. There is much to learn from others about ourselves. We can only learn when we stop and honestly reflect.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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