Monday, January 23, 2012

Achieving Simplicity of Flow

People employing decisive mindfulness are clearer, happier, and better to be around. Their purpose is to achieve simplicity of flow. Importantly, there are at least three facets involved.

Simplicity of flow is the targeted mind set on truth, peace, and purpose.

This is how it might look:

The decisive mind is captive to nothing besides the intentioned flow of thought that diverges not; but if it will diverge it does so promptly and effectually—leaving that new path of stones marked, every single one, with enquiry suited to the interrogator.

Passion for truth is its character.

Achieving simplicity of flow is investing in the following:

1. Search For Truth

Flow is found through the path of truth—truly, the shortest right path, overall.

Whilst many take shortcuts, and we all do from time to time, flow is found in the right way—discerned and navigated.

This way is found skilfully sidestepping deceit and temptation in many varying degrees of folly—it sees waste, turns, and walks. If it is seduced it’s only by the truth because lies and falsity are discerned as personally libellous.

When the mind is set on truth, because the heart has convinced and convicted it, there is the solemnity of focus—again, little room is provided that wolf called Indecision.

2. Find commonality with peace

Peace is home to the absence of chaos as it is to anything. It is the mind at residence within itself—able to calmly consider all that is true about life. It’s not weighed down by splinters of deference for many other things all at once. It sees the lie that sustained multitasking is.

For simple pleasures, peace sustains. Peace enjoys.

But with greed to manage many things—to covet them all—peace vanishes away.

Peace is the by-product of flow and it motivates the ongoing maintenance of flow.

3. Truth And Peace Inform Purpose

If we don’t have purpose in life there is little gain in living it. We can argue that purpose fuels life itself. But purpose without truth is a missing-of-the-mark and a lot of effort for no result, whilst it also redeems us precious little peace.

Without peace how can we have vital affirmations of our purpose? We would be tormented by a flurry of confusion; typically, the hurried life.

Once we achieve the simplicity of flow—from the capture and retention of truth, and the winning of peace—we’re close to our purpose. And the opposite is true: where we align with our purpose we almost magically find ourselves in the groove that is the simplicity of flow.


Everybody wants peace—true, vibrant, reassuring, inner peace. There are few better ways there than through the achievement of simplicity of flow: true, confident decisiveness based firmly in faith that life is being lived on purpose. Peace is our reward.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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