Sunday, March 27, 2011

When Mental Silences Speak Their Voiceless Cry

Sometimes we’re stopped in our tracks and our thoughts — whilst we’re in the depths — cease. These can be simple moments or they last for some indefinite time.

We normally repel these thought burps.

People don’t like to be troubled mentally, emotionally or spiritually without ‘working’ on it. So, we fend off such things, for we like to think our way out of problems.

But some problems are destined not to be solved. Anyhow, at times God wants us to hold sway with him in the despicable silence. He wants us quiet, so our spirits can be spoken to.

The Language of Our Spirit

We do not speak English (or any other typically lingual communication) at the level of our spirits.

That language is unspoken and unspeakable.

There is little faith in it from a flesh viewpoint, however, because our human minds can’t grasp it — we cannot ‘think’ or speak back this language.

God utters it at all junctures of the human experience — even when we were babies the Lord spoke it to us, and our spirits understood it. This seems gibberish to us only because we don’t know it intimately by experience. We cannot tell if it’s true or false.

All we know is we’re stopped in our confusion, and words — at times — do not share their power with us. We should have words to dispel the confusion, but when they don’t arrive we question our minds; depressive episodes set in; we think we’re losing the plot. The plain thing is we aren’t.

Surrendering ‘Thinking’ Moments to God

When matters won’t be reconciled, and for a few minutes we’re overwhelmed in things that perplex us, there is the option: to work with the thought tremor and build silently toward the time when thought for matters is to return.

This is a fleeting cessation of the effort to think.

We really don’t have to know how to respond to every dark thought moment. Some are destined to remain as they are; unenquired of.

Staying in the moment and allowing the barrage of silence to meander through our minds without a fight to find thought for it is peace. Time for thought will return when God wishes to stop communicating directly with our spirits. Besides, how often are our subconscious minds seconded to nourish the conscious mind?

God has reason to sweep us off to a dreamy land in the context of time. Our role is to assent to these requests.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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